If you’re looking for an easy way to get Rotom in Pokemon Sun, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll show you how to catch Rotom in just a few simple steps. We’ll also provide some tips on other ways to get Rotom, including transferring from another game and finding in the wild.


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The easiest way to get Rotom in Pokemon Sun.

Where to find Rotom.

To find Rotom in Pokémon Sun, go to the Abandoned Thrifty Megamart on Route 14. Inside, take the rightmost elevator down to B1F. In the back-right corner of the floor, you will see a door with a green light above it. This is the entrance to Rotom’s room.

How to catch Rotom.

Once you have found Rotom’s room, you will need a special Poké Ball called a “Dusk Ball.” These can be purchased at any Poké Mart. When you’re ready, throw the Dusk Ball at Rotom while it’s in its room on B1F of the Abandoned Thrifty Megamart.

Other ways to get Rotom in Pokemon Sun.

Transferring Rotom from another game.

If you have Rotom in another game, you can transfer it to Pokemon Sun using the Nintendo 3DS’s wireless features. First, make sure both your 3DS and the game that Rotom is in are connected to the internet. Then, open the main menu in the game that Rotom is in and select “Transfer”. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the transfer.

Finding Rotom in the wild.

Rotom can be found in the wild in Pokémon Sun, but it is very rare. The best way to find Rotom is to search for it in areas where there is a lot of electricity, such as power plants or near thunderstorms.

The easiest way to get Rotom in Pokemon Sun is by transferring it from another game. You can also find Rotom in the wild, but it’s much rarer. Regardless of how you get Rotom, it’s a powerful addition to any team.

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