How to Get Silver Tribes of Midgard


In the game Tribes of Midgard, silver is one of the most valuable resources. Silver can be used to upgrade buildings, purchase items from traders, and train units. Here are some tips on how to get silver in Tribes of Midgard:

1. Complete quests – Quests are a great way to earn silver. They often involve killing a certain number of enemies or collecting a certain amount of resources. 2. Sell resources – Gather excess resources and sell them to traders for silver.

Wood and stone are common resources that can be sold for silver. 3. Attack enemy tribes – Raiding enemy tribes is a risky but rewarding way to get silver. When you successfully pillage an enemy village, you will receive a large sum of silver as loot.

  • Silver Tribes of Midgard is an online game that can be played for free
  • To get started, players need to create a account and choose their desired username and password
  • After logging in, players will be able to see the main menu where they can select “Play Now” to start playing the game
  • Players will then be taken to the game lobby where they can select from a variety of different game modes to play
  • Once in a game, players will need to collect silver by killing enemies and completing objectives
  • The more silver a player has, the better equipped they will be to take on tougher challenges and opponents
  • Players can also use silver to purchase upgrades and items from the in-game store
How to Get Silver Tribes of Midgard
How to Get Silver Tribes of Midgard 4


How to Get Silver in Tribes of Midgard

Players can earn silver by completing tasks and defeating enemies. There are three main ways to get silver in Tribes of Midgard: 1. Quests – Players can complete quests to receive silver as a reward.

Some quests are repeatable, so players can farm silver by completing the same quest multiple times. 2. Combat – Players can defeat enemies in combat to earn silver rewards. The amount of silver earned varies depending on the type and difficulty of the enemy defeated.

3. Trading – Players can trade goods with other players or NPCs to earn silver. The amount of silver earned from trading depends on the value of the goods traded.

You Can Farm Silver by Killing Monsters, Completing Quests, And Looting Chests

Silver is a valuable commodity in many MMOs, and can be farmed quite easily if you know where to look. Silver can be obtained by killing monsters, completing quests, and looting chests. All of these activities can yield a good amount of silver if done properly.

Let’s start with monster hunting. This is probably the most efficient way to farm silver, as you can kill multiple monsters at once and loot their bodies for silver coins. When questing, always keep an eye out for optional objectives that award extra silver upon completion.

And finally, when looting chests, be sure to check each one thoroughly before moving on – you never know what valuable items or currency may be hiding inside! By following these tips, you should have no trouble amassing a small fortune in silver coins. Just remember to spend it wisely!


In “How to Get Silver in Tribes of Midgard”, the author provides a step-by-step guide for players looking to earn silver in the game. They start by recommending that players complete daily quests, as these often reward silver. Players can also check their tribe’s storehouse for any silver that may have been deposited there.

Lastly, the author suggests that players participate in PvP battles, as winning these can result in a significant amount of silver being earned.

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