How to Get the Dva Police Skin


In order to get the Dva police skin, you must first purchase the Overwatch game. Once you have done so, you will need to locate the skin within the game files. The skin can then be applied to your Dva character.

  • To get the Dva police skin, you need to purchase the Overwatch Origins Edition on PC, Xbox One, or PS4
  • With the purchase of the Origins Edition, you will receive a code that can be redeemed on Blizzard’s website
  • Once you have redeemed the code, the Dva police skin will be added to your collection of skins in-game
How to Get the Dva Police Skin
How to Get the Dva Police Skin 4


Q: How Do I Get the Dva Police Skin

A: The Dva police skin is a cosmetic item in the game Overwatch. It can be obtained through the in-game store, or by purchasing the Origins Edition of the game.

Overwatch: How to UNLOCK The Officer D.Va Skin!


In “How to Get the Dva Police Skin,” the author describes how to obtain a special skin for the character Dva in the game Overwatch. To get the skin, players must first purchase a ticket to the 2018 BlizzCon event. At BlizzCon, they must then find and collect all ten of the exclusive player icons that are available at the event.

Once they have collected all ten icons, they can then trade them in for the Dva police skin at the Blizzard booth.

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