How to Get to Sabrina Pokemon Red


To get to Sabrina in Pokemon Red, you will need to first beat the Elite Four. After doing so, head to Cerulean City and enter the Gym. Talk to the person at the front desk and she will give you a key card.

Take this key card and use it on the door in the back of the Gym. This will take you to Mt. Moon. From there, follow the path until you reach Route 4.

Cut through the grass and continue following the path until you reach Route 9. Surf across the water and keep going until you reach Saffron City. Enter Saffron Gym and talk to Sabrina to challenge her!

  • Start by choosing your game version- in this case, “Pokemon Red
  • Once you’ve selected your game, head to the first town and talk to Professor Oak to get your starter Pokemon
  • After you have your starter, exit out of Pallet Town and begin your journey! As you travel, make sure to battle wild Pokemon and train up your team
  • Eventually, you’ll reach the city of Viridian where Sabrina is waiting for you
  • From there, it’s just a matter of defeating her in a Pokemon battle!
How to Get to Sabrina Pokemon Red
How to Get to Sabrina Pokemon Red 4


How Do You Get to Sabrina in Pokémon?

In order to get to Sabrina in Pokémon, you will need to have a Pokémon with Surf and Strength. Use Surf to get across the water on Route 19, and then use Strength to move the boulder blocking the path. After that, simply follow the path until you reach Sabrina’s Gym!

Why Can’T I Get to Saffron City?

If you’re trying to get to Saffron City in Pokémon Red, Blue, or Yellow, you’ll need the Secret Key. The Secret Key is obtained by completing the Celadon City Gym mission. After receiving the Rainbow Badge from Erika, she’ll give you the key.

Once you have the key, go to Saffron City and use the secret door in Silph Co.

How Do I Get into Saffron City Gym?

Assuming you are asking about the Saffron City Gym in the Pokemon games, here is how you can gain access to it. In order to get into the Saffron City Gym, you will first need to defeat Team Rocket at Silph Co. Once you have done that, go back to the Gym and talk to the man blocking the entrance.

He will move out of the way and allow you to enter.

How to Get to Saffron City from Lavender Town?

Assuming you are starting in Lavender Town, there are a few ways to get to Saffron City. The first way is by travelling west from Lavender Town until you reach Route 8. From there, take the path north and you will eventually reach Saffron City.

Another way to get to Saffron City is by going east from Lavender Town until you reach Route 10. Take the path south and then east and you will eventually reach Saffron City. The third way to get to Saffron City is by going north from Lavender Town until you hit Routes 12 and 13.

Follow Route 13 north until it dead-ends into Saffron City.

Pokemon Red/Blue – Sabrina's Gym Puzzle Solution (No Trainer Battles)


Assuming you want a summary of the “How to Get to Sabrina in Pokémon Red” blog post: The blog post begins by explaining that, in order to get to Sabrina, the player first needs Surf and Strength. The player can get Surf by going to Fuchsia City and defeating Koga, the Gym Leader.

After getting Surf from Koga, the player needs to go back to Cerulean City and use Surf on the body of water south of the city. This will take the player to Bill’s Sea Cottage. Once at Bill’s Sea Cottage, the player needs to go into the house and talk to Bill.

Bill will give the player an item called an S.S Ticket. With this ticket, the player can take a ferry from Vermilion City straight to One Island. On One Island, there is a town called Treasure Beach.

In Treasure Beach, there is a cave called Tanoby Ruins. In Tanoby Ruins is where Sabrina resides.

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