How to Get Zygarde Complete Form in Pokemon X


To get Zygarde Complete Form in Pokemon X, you need to have Zygarde at level 100 and have it know the move Dragon Dance. Once you have those requirements met, simply use the transformation item on Zygarde and it will transform into its Complete Form.

  • Start by catching a Zygarde Cell
  • These can be found in the Glittering Cave, Terminus Cave, and Route 16
  • Next, you will need to collect 50 Zygarde Cells
  • Once you have all 50, take them to Professor Sycamore in Lysandre Labs
  • Professor Sycamore will then give you a Zygarde Core
  • Take this core to Mr
  • Bonding in Anistar City
  • Bonding will ask you to help him with a few tasks before he will bond with the Zygarde Core
  • Complete his tasks and return to him
  • Now that you have bonded with the Zygarde Core, it will evolve into its Complete Form when it reaches Level 100!

Can You Get Zygarde Complete Form in Pokémon X

Zygarde has two completed forms- 50% Complete and 100% Complete. The 50% form is the default form for Zygarde, while the 100% form can only be accessed by using the Power Construct ability. The Power Construct ability allows Zygarde to change into its 100% Complete Form when its HP is below 50%.

This transformation will last until Zygarde’s HP is raised above 50%, at which point it will revert back to its 50% form. As such, it is not possible to obtain Zygarde’s 100% Complete Form in Pokémon X without first obtaining the Power Construct ability.

How to Get Zygarde Complete Form in Pokemon X
How to Get Zygarde Complete Form in Pokemon X 4


How Do You Get 100% Form Zygarde?

Zygarde is a Legendary Pokémon that debuted in Generation VI. It is a member of the Aura Trio, alongside Xerneas and Yveltal. Zygarde is unique among Legendary Pokémon in that it has multiple Formes, which it can change between depending on various conditions.

In its Complete Forme, Zygarde is the strongest member of the Aura Trio. To get 100% form Zygarde you need to first collect all 100 of its cells scattered across Alola region in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Once you have all 100 cells, you can fuse them together using the game’s Fusion feature to create Zygarde in its Complete Forme.

Can You Get Zygarde before the Elite Four in Pokemon X?

Yes, you can absolutely get Zygarde before the Elite Four in Pokemon X! In fact, you can actually get Zygarde as early as Route 10 – provided that you have completed the game’s main story and unlocked Zygarde’s Cell locations. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

1. First things first, make sure you have completed the main story of Pokemon X. Once you’ve done that, head over to Route 10 and look for a man standing near some bushes. Talk to him and he’ll give you a special item called the “Zygarde Core”. 2. With the Zygarde Core in hand, start exploring every nook and cranny of Route 10 until you find five green squares on the ground.

These are actually hidden Zygarde Cells – stand on top of each one and press “A” to collect them. 3. Now that you have all five Zygarde Cells, return to the man who gave you the core and talk to him again. He’ll take your cells and combine them into a new item called the “Zygarde Cube”.

4. The next step is finding more Zygarde Cells – there are 50 in total scattered all across Kalos region. Refer to this handy map for their exact locations: http://www .gamefaqs .

com/ 3ds / 816915-pokemon-x-y/ 71425218/ all-zygrade-cells -locations 5. Once you have collected all 50 cells, take them back to the man at Route 10 and he’ll once again combine them into something new – this time it’s an actual Poke Ball containing Zygarde itself!


Zygarde Complete Form is the most powerful and rarest form of Zygarde. In order to get Zygarde Complete Form, you’ll need to collect all 100 Zygarde Cells scattered across the Kalos region. Once you have all 100 cells, you can take them to Professor Sycamore in Lumiose City who will combine them into Zygarde Complete Form.

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