How to Play 20 Questions on Imessage


20 Questions is one of the oldest and most popular games around. The object of the game is to guess what the other person is thinking about. The game can be played with two or more people.

It can be played in person or over text message. To play 20 Questions over text message, each player takes turns asking a question. The questions can be anything from “What are you doing?” to “What’s your favorite color?”.

Once a player has asked a question, the other player has 20 seconds to answer. If the second player doesn’t answer in 20 seconds, they lose the game.

  • Start a new message on imessage and type in the name of the person you want to play 20 questions with
  • Once the person has been selected, type “20Q” in the message box to start the game
  • The game will then ask you to provide a list of 20 items, one at a time
  • These can be anything from your favorite food to your dream vacation destination
  • After providing all 20 items, hit send and wait for your friend to receive the list and start asking questions!
How to Play 20 Questions on Imessage
How to Play 20 Questions on Imessage 4


How Do I Start a Game of 20 Questions on Imessage

If you’re looking to start a game of 20 Questions on iMessage, there are a few things you’ll need to do first. First, open up a new message thread with the person or people you want to play with. Then, decide who will go first – the person who starts the game is usually referred to as the “questioner.”

Once that’s been decided, the questioner can begin asking yes or no questions about any topic they choose. For example, if the questioner wanted to ask about an animal, they might start with something like “Is it bigger than a cat?” or “Does it have fur?” The goal of 20 Questions is to try and figure out what the other person is thinking of using as few questions as possible – so it’s important to ask smart questions that can help eliminate possible answers.

Once the questioner has asked their 20th question (or sooner if they think they know what the answer is), they’ll make their guess at what the answer is. If they’re correct, they win! If not, then whoever was playing against them gets a turn at being the questioner.

And then you can start all over again!

How Does the Game of 20 Questions Work

The game of 20 Questions is a classic party game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The objective of the game is to guess the identity of an object, person or concept by asking up to 20 yes or no questions. The player who is able to correctly identify the subject with the fewest number of questions wins the game.

To begin, one player thinks of an object, person or concept and decides whether it will be easy or difficult for their opponents to guess. They then secretly write down this information on a slip of paper. The other players then take turns asking questions about the subject, which can be answered with a simple yes or no response.

Players are not allowed to ask leading questions (questions that would give away the answer) and they must try to use as few questions as possible in order to guessed the correct answer. Once a player believes they know what the subject is, they make their guess. If they are correct, they win the game.

If they are incorrect, play passes to the next player and they must continue guessing until someone gets it right. The game of 20 Questions is a great way to exercise your brain and have some fun with friends at the same time!

What are Some Good Questions to Ask During a Game of 20 Questions

Assuming you want questions for the game Twenty Questions: 1. What is your favorite color? 2. What is your favorite type of food?

3. What is your favorite animal? 4. What is your favorite hobby? 5. What kind of music do you like?

6. What is your favorite TV show? 7. What is your favorite movie? 8. What would be your dream vacation destination?

9.What is your favorite book? 10. Do you prefer summer or winter? 11. Rainy or sunny days?

12. Are you a morning person or a night person? 13 Indoors or outdoors? 14 Doing things or watching others do them (e..g sports)?

How Do I Win the Game of 20 Questions

To win the game of 20 Questions, you will need to ask the right questions and make deductions based on the answers that you receive. The goal is to try to figure out what the other person is thinking about, without them knowing what you are doing. Here are some tips:

1. Pay attention to the first few questions that are asked. This can give you an idea of what type of thing the other person is thinking about. 2. Make sure your questions are specific.

The more specific they are, the easier it will be to make deductions based on the answers. 3. Try to think outside the box. If you can’t figure out what the other person is thinking about, try asking a question that would give you a different perspective on the situation.

4. Be patient and don’t give up!

What Happens If I Lose the Game of 20 Questions

If you lose the game of 20 Questions, then you will have to answer a forfeit question. This question will be something that you would not want to be asked in public. It could be embarrassing, or it could be something that you are not comfortable talking about.


If you’re looking for a fun game to play with your friends over Imessage, try 20 Questions. 20 Questions is a classic game that can be played with anyone, anywhere. Here’s how to play:

1. One player thinks of something, anything (e.g., an animal, object, person, place). 2. The other players take turns asking up to 20 yes-or-no questions about the thing the first player is thinking of, trying to figure out what it is. 3. If at any point the questioner thinks they know what the thing is, they can make a guess.

If they’re right, they win; if they’re wrong, the first player gets to give a clue before everyone takes another turn asking questions. 4. Play until someone figures it out or you run out of questions!

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