How to Play Dvd on Ps4 Without Internet


It is quite easy to play a DVD on a PS4 without the internet. All you need is a physical copy of the DVD and a compatible Blu-Ray or DVD drive. You can either insert the disc into the drive or use an external USB drive.

Once the disc is inserted, simply select it from the main menu and press “play.” The movie will then begin playing automatically.

  • If you want to play a DVD on your PS4 without internet, you will need to insert the disc into the console
  • The PS4 will then prompt you to install an update for the system software
  • This process requires an internet connection, so make sure your console is connected to Wi-Fi or Ethernet before continuing
  • Once the update is installed, you can now access DVDs from the main menu of your PS4
  • Simply select the “DVD” option and insert your desired disc
How to Play Dvd on Ps4 Without Internet
How to Play Dvd on Ps4 Without Internet 4


How Do I Play a Dvd on My Ps4 Without the Internet

Assuming you would like to play a DVD on your PS4 without the internet, you can do so by following these steps: 1. Start by ensuring that your PS4 is turned off. Once it is turned off, insert the DVD into the console.

2. Press and hold down the power button until you hear two beeps. This will start your PS4 in what’s called “Safe Mode.” 3. In Safe Mode, select option #3 which says “Change Resolution.”

4. Next, change the resolution to 480p and then hit “OK.” Doing this will allow you to play DVDs on your PS4 without needing an internet connection.

If Your Ps4 is Connected to the Internet, It Will Automatically Try to Connect to Sony’S Servers in Order to Download And Install Any Necessary Updates for the New Disc

If your PS4 is connected to the Internet, it will automatically try to connect to Sony’s servers in order to download and install any necessary updates for the new disc. If an update is available, it will be downloaded and installed automatically. If there is no update available, you will be prompted to continue without updating.

However, You Can Still Play Dvds And Blu-Rays Offline by Putting Your Console into Rest Mode

If you want to watch a Blu-ray or DVD movie on your PlayStation 4, you first need to install the Blu-ray Disc player app. To do this, go to the PS4 home screen and scroll up to the “Library” tab. Select “Applications” from the submenu and then find and select the “Blu-ray Disc Player” app.

Once it’s installed, insert your disc into the PS4 and press the “Play” button on the controller. If you want to watch a digital movie that you purchased from a service like iTunes or Google Play Movies & TV, you can do so directly through the PS4’s built-in apps for those services. For example, if you have an iTunes movie that you bought through Apple’s store, go to the PS4 home screen and scroll up to the “TV & Video” tab.

Select “Video Unlimited” from the submenu and then select “iTunes Movies” from there. You should see your purchased movies listed under “My Videos.” You can also play DVDs and Blu-rays offline by putting your console into Rest Mode.

When in Rest Mode, your PS4 will continue downloading any updates or content that you may have started while online but hadn’t finished yet.

In This Mode, Your Ps4 Will Continue Downloading And Installing Updates Until It Has Finished, So Make Sure You Leave It Plugged in If You Want to Get All of the Latest Patches for Your Games

If you’re someone who likes to stay up-to-date with the latest patches for your video games, then you’ll want to make sure your PlayStation 4 is set to automatic updates. In this mode, your PS4 will continue downloading and installing updates until it has finished, so make sure you leave it plugged in if you want to get all of the latest patches for your games. Automatic updates are especially important if you’re playing online multiplayer games, as many of these patches include fixes for exploits that could be used against you by other players.

To set your PS4 to automatic updates, just head into the Settings menu and select “System Software Update Settings.” From there, select “Automatically download updates” and make sure the switch is set to “On.” Now sit back and relax – your PS4 will take care of the rest!


It is possible to play DVDs on a PS4 without an internet connection. To do so, first ensure that the PS4 is properly connected to the TV. Next, insert the DVD into the PS4’s optical drive.

Finally, select the ‘DVD Player’ app from the main menu. With these steps followed, the PS4 should be able to play DVDs without issue.

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