How to Play Guitarron


Guitarron is a type of guitar that originated in Mexico. It is similar to an acoustic bass guitar, but has a larger body and a longer neck. The strings are also thicker than those on an acoustic guitar.

Because of its size, the guitarron is typically played while seated. To play the guitarron, start by sitting with the instrument in your lap. Place your right hand on the neck and use your thumb to hold down the string at the fifth fret.

Use your left hand to pluck the string with your index finger. Pluck the string again with your middle finger and then your ring finger. Return to plucking the string with your index finger and continue this pattern until you reach the end of the phrase or measure.

  • The guitarron is a Mexican stringed instrument, similar to a bass guitar, that is often used in Mariachi music
  • To play the guitarron, you will need to hold the instrument in your lap or between your legs
  • You will also need to pluck the strings with your right hand while using your left hand to fret the notes on the neck of the guitarron
  • Start by practicing some simple chords and melodies
  • Once you get comfortable with these, you can begin working on more complex pieces of music
  • Have fun exploring the different sounds that you can create with this unique instrument!
How to Play Guitarron
How to Play Guitarron 4


What is a Guitarron

A guitarron is a type of acoustic bass guitar that originated in Mexico. It has a deep, resonant sound and is commonly used in Mariachi music. The instrument typically has six strings, but some versions have as many as 12.

The guitarron is a descendant of the Spanish vihuela de mano, an ancestor of the modern guitar. It was introduced to Mexico by Spanish missionaries in the 16th century. The instrument quickly became popular among the indigenous people and was adopted by Mariachi bands.

The guitarron has a wide, flat body and a long neck with tuning pegs at the end. It is usually played with a pick or plectrum, but can also be strummed with the fingers. The instrument’s range varies depending on the number of strings, but generally spans from E2 to A4.

The guitarron plays an important role in Mariachi music, providing the rhythmic foundation for songs. It often doubles or replaces the bass line played by other instruments such as guitars or double basses. When played solo, it can provide a hypnotic drone-like effect.

How Do You Play a Guitarron

In Mexico, the guitarron is a large acoustic bass guitar. It has a deep, mellow sound and is used in mariachi bands. The instrument is held upright and played with the fingers or a pick.

The guitarron typically has six strings, but some newer models have seven or even eight strings. The extra strings are often used for decoration rather than for playing melody or chords. To play the guitarron, pluck the string with your finger or strum it with a pick.

For sustained notes, you can use a bow. To produce different sounds, experiment with different techniques such as palm muting or picking behind the nut of the instrument.

What are Some of the Techniques Used to Play a Guitarron

In Mexico, the guitarron is a large bass instrument of the guitar family. Traditionally, it has six nylon strings and is plucked with the fingers. The instrument’s body is deep and pear-shaped, and it typically has a length of four feet (1.2 m).

It is often used in mariachi music. There are several different ways to play the guitarron. One popular method is called “tapping.”

To do this, the player holds the instrument in one hand and taps on the strings with the other hand. This creates a percussive sound that can be used to keep time or add rhythm to a song. Another common technique is called “strumming.”

This involves using all five fingers of one hand to brush across all of the strings at once. This produces a fuller sound than tapping, and can be used to create chords or melody lines. Still other players use a pick or plectrum to pluck individual strings.

This allows for more refined control over note selection and timing, but can make it more difficult to play complex rhythms. Whichever technique you choose, practice is essential for becoming proficient on the guitarron. Like any musical instrument, it takes time and patience to learn how to play it well.

But with some dedication, anyone can make beautiful music on this unique Mexican instrument!

What are Some of the Benefits of Playing a Guitarron

The guitarron is a Mexican bass instrument that was originally developed in the 18th century. It is typically played in Mariachi bands and has a distinctive, deep sound that helps to provide rhythm and support for the other instruments. The guitarron is also used in a variety of other musical genres, including Norteño, Tejano, and ranchera music.

There are many benefits to playing the guitarron. First, it helps to create a full sound when played with other instruments. The deep tones of the guitarron help to fill out the lower range of sounds and provide a solid foundation for the music.

Additionally, the guitarron adds a unique flavor to any ensemble. Its Mexican heritage gives it a cultural significance that can add depth and authenticity to any performance. Finally, playing the guitarron is simply fun!

It’s a challenging instrument to learn but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be hooked on its rich sound and versatile capabilities.


The guitarron is a Mexican string instrument similar to the bass guitar. It is commonly used in Mariachi bands. Playing the guitarron can be challenging for beginners, but with a little practice, you can quickly learn how to play this unique instrument.

The first step is to practice plucking the strings with your right hand while holding down the chords with your left hand. You can use a pick or your fingers to pluck the strings. Once you have mastered this, you can begin learning basic chords and strumming patterns.

As you become more comfortable playing the guitarron, you can add more complex chords and strums to your repertoire. One of the best ways to learn how to play guitarron is to listen to music that uses this instrument. This will help you get a feel for how it should sound and how it fits into different types of songs.

You can also find online tutorials and video lessons that can teach you the basics of playing this Mexican string instrument.

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