How to Play Morgana Support


In order to play Morgana support, you must first understand her kit and how it works in order to utilize it effectively. Her Q, Dark Binding, is a powerful CC that can easily disrupt enemies and set up kills for her teammates. Her W, Tormented Soil, is a great tool for zoning and poking enemies.

It can also be used to farm efficiently. Her E, Black Shield, is a very strong defensive spell that can block enemy abilities and protect allies from being damaged by them. Lastly, her R, Soul Shackles, is a game-changing ultimate that can easily turn the tide of battle if used correctly.

When playing Morgana support, always keep these things in mind and use her kit to your team’s advantage.

  • Pick Morgana in champion select and choose the support role
  • Start the game by buying a Sightstone and two wards
  • Place one ward in the river near your bot lane turret, and place the other ward in the enemy jungle near their blue buff
  • When you reach level 6, put a point into your ultimate ability, Soul Shackles
  • This will be your main source of damage and crowd control in teamfights later on
  • Throughout the laning phase, focus on harassi

How to Play Morgana Mid

Morgana mid is a fairly simple andstraightforward lane. Your goal is to farm up, poke the enemy when you can, and look for all-in opportunities when your ultimate is available. In order to play Morgana mid effectively, you need to understand how her kit works and what each of her abilities do.

Her Q, Dark Binding, is a skillshot that does decent damage and applies a small amount of crowd control. It’s not really worth using as an offensive tool, but it can be helpful for setting up ganks or stopping enemies from escaping. Her W, Tormented Soil, is an AOE that damages and slows enemies inside it.

This is Morgana’s bread and butter ability; use it to clear waves quickly, poke enemies in lane, and set up kills with your team. Her E, Black Shield, is a shield that protects herself or an ally from magic damage. This ability has a lot of utility; you can use it to save yourself or your ADC from being burst down by the enemy team, or you can use it to engage on opponents without fear of retaliation.

Finally, Morgana’s ultimate ability Soul Shackles fires off chains that latch onto nearby enemies and stun them after 2 seconds. This is a great ability for initiating fights or catching people out who are trying to escape. Now that you know what each of Morgana’s abilities do, let’s talk about how to actually play her in lane.

As I mentioned before, your main goal in lane should be farming up. Try to last hit as many minions as possible while avoiding harassment from the enemy laner; if they try to trade with you just back off until they run out of mana/abilities then go back in and continue farming. When you have your ultimate available (around level 6), start looking for opportunities to all-in the enemy laner; if they’re low on health you can usually kill them outright with Soul Shackles + Ignite + auto attacks/Qs/Ws.

Just be careful not to get baited into fighting when their jungler is around; always check the map before engaging!

How to Play Morgana Support
How to Play Morgana Support 4


Is Morgana Support Good?

Yes, Morgana support is good. She has great crowd control with her Dark Binding and Soul Shackles abilities, which can easily disrupt enemies and turn the tide of battle. Her Tormented Soil is also a great way to damage and slow enemies, making them easy targets for your teammates.

And finally, her Black Shield can absorb enemy spell damage, making her an excellent choice for countering enemy mages.

Is Morgana Good for Beginners?

Yes, Morgana is a good champion for beginners. She has a fairly simple kit that is easy to understand and use effectively. Additionally, her lane phase is relatively straightforward and she can easily farm without putting herself in too much danger.

However, once she reaches the late game, Morgana becomes quite difficult to play against more experienced opponents. Nevertheless, if you are just starting out in League of Legends, Morgana is definitely a champion worth considering.

Is Morgana a Support Champ?

In League of Legends, Morgana is most commonly played as a support champion. As a support, Morgana’s role is to protect her allies and help them survive and thrive in battle. Morgana excels at this thanks to her unique kit which includes a number of powerful defensive abilities.

Morgana’s passive ability, Soul Siphon, allows her to heal herself and her allies when she damages enemies with her abilities. This makes Morgana a very effective support in team fights as she can keep her allies alive while also dealing significant damage to the enemy team. Morgana’s other abilities include Dark Binding, which fires a chain that stuns and damages enemies it hits; Tormented Soil, which deals damage over time to enemies standing in an area; Black Shield, which protects an ally from all forms of crowd control; and Soul Shackles, which deal massive damage to enemies after a short delay.

These abilities make Morgana a very versatile support who can both deal damage and protect her allies from harm. Overall, Morgana is an extremely powerful support champion who can easily make or break games thanks to her unique kit. If you’re looking for a champion that can provide great utility for your team while also dealing significant damage, then Morgana is the perfect pick.

How Can I Be a Better Morgana?

If you’re looking to be a better Morgana, here are some tips: -Practice your Q. Its a skillshot so the more you practice, the more accurate you’ll be. A well placed Dark Binding can easily set up a kill for your team.

-Max your W first. Tormented Soil is an incredibly powerful ability and can easily shut down an enemy carry if used correctly. -Use your E wisely.

Soul Shackles can be game changing if used at the right moment but it can also be easily wasted if misused. Be sure to only use it when you’re sure you can get a kill or else you may find yourself in a bad spot. -Positioning is key with Morgana.

She’s very susceptible to being focused down in a teamfight so its important to try and stay behind your teammates where you’ll be safe(r). -Always keep an eye on map and look for opportunities to gank with your ultimate, Black Shield. It can easily turn the tide of a fight if used correctly.

Hopefully these tips help you on your way to becoming a better Morgana!


In order to play Morgana support, you need to have a few things in mind. First, Morgana is best when played as a counter-pick to champions that have strong lane dominance. Second, you need to be aware of your team’s overall strategy and make sure you are complementing it.

Third, you need to be able to read the enemy team and know when to engage and when to back off. Lastly, always remember that Morgana’s ultimate can easily turn the tide of a teamfight so use it wisely!

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