How to Play on Rooftop Courts 2K22


If you’re looking to take your game to the next level, rooftop courts are the way to go. There’s nothing quite like playing with a view of the city skyline, and 2K22 is no exception. Here’s how to make the most of rooftop courts in 2K22:

First, find a good spot. Rooftop courts can be found all over the city, so take some time to explore and find one that suits your style. Once you’ve found a court, it’s time to get warmed up.

Spend a few minutes shooting around and getting a feel for the court before diving into a game. Next, invite some friends (or make some new ones). Playing with friends is always more fun than playing alone, and it’ll help you raise your game too.

If you don’t know anyone who plays 2K22, don’t worry – there are plenty of people out there who are looking for pick-up games. Just put yourself out there and you’re sure to find someone in no time. Finally, have fun!

Rooftop courts are all about enjoying the experience. Whether you’re playing for fun or trying to win, remember to relax and enjoy yourself. After all, that’s what rooftop courts are all about.


  • To play on a rooftop court, first you will need to unlock it in the game by completing certain objectives
  • Once unlocked, go to the MyCOURTS menu and select the Rooftop Courts tab
  • From here, you can choose which rooftop court you would like to play on
  • When selecting a court, you will be able to see the specific rules for that court
  • Make sure you are familiar with the rules before starting a game
  • After selecting a court, you can invite friends or other players to join your game
How to Play on Rooftop Courts 2K22
How to Play on Rooftop Courts 2K22 4


Q: What is the Best Way to Play on Rooftop Courts 2K22

Rooftop courts are a great way to get your game on in 2K22. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your experience: 1. Use the environment to your advantage.

The roofs provide plenty of opportunity for alley-oops and other highlight-reel plays, so take advantage of them! 2. Keep an eye on the weather forecast. If it looks like rain or snow is on the way, try to schedule your games accordingly.

You don’t want to be stuck playing in bad weather. 3. Be aware of your surroundings. Unlike traditional courts, there are no boundaries on rooftop courts, so be careful not to fall off!

4. Have fun! Rooftop courts are a unique and exciting way to play basketball, so make sure you enjoy yourself!

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Q: What are Some Tips for Playing on Rooftop Courts 2K22

A: Rooftop Courts 2K22 is one of the most popular places to play basketball. Here are some tips for playing on rooftop courts: 1. Get there early.

The best time to play on rooftop courts is early in the morning, before the sun gets too hot. arrive early to get a good spot and avoid the heat later in the day. 2. Dress appropriately.

Wear light clothing and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. You may also want to bring a hat or sunglasses to help keep the sun out of your eyes. 3. Bring water.

It’s important to stay hydrated when playing basketball, especially in hot weather. Be sure to bring enough water for yourself and your teammates. 4. Know your limits.

Playing in hot weather can be exhausting, so make sure you know your limits and take breaks as needed.

Additionally, Try to Stay Away from the Defenders And Make Sure to Take Advantage of Open Space on the Court

When playing basketball, it is important to try to stay away from the defenders and take advantage of open space on the court. This can be difficult to do, especially if the defenders are good at their jobs, but it is important to remember that open space can be your friend. If you can find an open spot on the court, you will be able to shoot or pass without having to worry about getting blocked.

Additionally, staying away from defenders will help you avoid turnovers and other problems that can occur when you are closely guarded.


In NBA 2K22, players will be able to play on rooftop courts around the world. There are 10 different rooftop courts to choose from, each with its own unique setting and challenge. To unlock a rooftop court, players must first complete a certain number of games in the mode.

Once unlocked, players can then take on the challenges of that particular court. Rooftop courts offer a unique gameplay experience that is different from the traditional NBA 2K gameplay. Players will need to adjust their strategies and gameplans accordingly in order to succeed on these new courts.

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