How to Play Sandbox in Btd6


One of the best things about Bloons TD 6 is the ability to play in a “sandbox” mode. This mode allows you to customize your game experience by adjusting various settings and rules. For example, you can adjust how many bloons spawn, what kinds of bloons spawn, and how fast they spawn.

You can also modify the strength and health of your towers, as well as other factors such as money and lives. Sandbox mode is a great way to practice your strategies and learn new techniques without having to worry about losing progress in the main game.


  • Start the game and select Sandbox from the main menu
  • Choose your difficulty level and map size
  • Select which towers and other defenses you want to use
  • Place your towers and other defenses around the map
  • Start the wave of enemies and see how long you can last!
How to Play Sandbox in Btd6
How to Play Sandbox in Btd6 4


How Do I Play Sandbox Mode in Btd6

If you want to play the Sandbox mode in Btd6, you will first need to unlock it. To do this, you must complete all 21 rounds of the main game mode. Once you have done this, Sandbox mode will be unlocked and available to play from the main menu.

In Sandbox mode, you are given an unlimited amount of money and time to build your perfect defense. You can place towers and traps anywhere on the map, and there are no restrictions on what upgrades you can use. This makes Sandbox mode the perfect place to experiment with different strategies and find out what works best against the AI enemies.

One thing to note is that in Sandbox mode, the difficulty level is set to Hard by default. This means that the AI enemies will be more aggressive and difficult to defeat than in other modes. If you want an easier challenge, you can change the difficulty setting in the options menu before starting a game.

This Mode Will Allow You to Customize Your Game Settings, Including Difficulty, Starting Cash, And More

This mode will allow you to customize your game settings, including difficulty, starting cash, and more. To access this mode, go to the “Options” menu at the main screen and select “Game Settings.” On the “Game Settings” screen, you can adjust the following options:

Difficulty – There are three difficulty levels in The Sims 4: Easy, Medium, and Hard. You can choose whichever difficulty level you want for your game. However, keep in mind that if you make the game too easy, it may not be as fun to play.

Conversely, if you make it too difficult, it may be frustrating. We recommend playing on Medium difficulty unless you’re a seasoned Simmer who wants a challenge. Starting Cash – This is how much money your Sims will start with when they move into their new home.

You can choose to give them a little bit of money to get started (the default is $20,000), or you can start them off with nothing at all. If you want to make things more challenging for yourself (or if you’re feeling generous), you can also choose to give them a larger amount of money to start with. Just keep in mind that starting with more money will make the game easier overall.

Sims Per Household – This setting determines how many Sims can live in one household. The maximum number of Sims per household is eight, but you can have fewer if you’d like. We recommend leaving this setting at its default value so that each family has four Sims living under one roof; however, feel free to experiment with different numbers to see what works best for you.

These are just a few of the options available in “Game Settings.” Be sure to experiment with different combinations of settings until you find a gameplay experience that’s right for you!

Once You Have Customized Your Game, Press the Start Button to Begin Playing

Assuming you are talking about a video game: When you have finished making all your desired changes to the settings of the game, press the start button in order to begin playing. The start button is typically located in the bottom middle of the screen.

If it is not, consult your game’s instructions for more information. After pressing start, the main menu of the game should appear. From here, you can either start a new game or resume an old one.

Make your selection and enjoy!


Assuming you would like a summary of the blog post titled “How to Play Sandbox in Btd6”: In the game Bloons Tower Defense 6, there is a mode called Sandbox. In this mode, players have infinite money and can freely place towers anywhere on the map.

This mode is great for experimentation and for playing around with different tower combinations. To access Sandbox mode, go to the main menu and select the “Custom Game” option. From here, you can choose to play any of the available maps in Sandbox mode.

Have fun!

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