How to Play Symmetra


Symmetra is a damage-dealing support character in the game Overwatch. She can place turrets that automatically fire at enemies, and her ultimate ability allows her to teleport her team to safety. To play Symmetra effectively, you need to be able to place your turrets strategically, and know when to use your ultimate ability.

  • Choose Symmetra as your character
  • She is a support character whose main role is to provide cover for her teammates and help them survive against the enemy
  • Place your turrets strategically around the map to give your team an advantage
  • Turrets will automatically fire at enemies that come within range, so make sure they are placed in good positions! 3
  • Use your Photon Projector ability to create a temporary shield around yourself or allies
  • This can be helpful in protecting them from enemy fire or giving them a chance to escape danger
  • Utilize Symmetra’s Ultimate Ability, the Teleporter, to place a portal down which teammates can use to quickly travel across the map
  • This can be useful for getting your team into position quickly or attacking the enemy from behind their lines!
How to Play Symmetra
How to Play Symmetra 4


Is It Hard to Play Symmetra?

No, Symmetra is not a hard character to play. She has a very straightforward kit that can be easily understood and played at a high level. The main thing you need to be aware of as Symmetra is your positioning and line-of-sight, as her primary fire can be easily interrupted and her alternate fire requires you to have a clear line-of-sight on your target.

Other than that, just keep in mind the locations of your Sentry Turrets and use your Photon Projector (ultimate) to its fullest potential and you’ll do well as Symmetra.

How Do You Play Good Symmetra?

Good Symmetra players tend to be patient and methodical in their approach. They make use of her powerful turrets to control key choke points on the map, and are always aware of the position of each enemy player relative to her own. Good Symmetra players also make effective use of her ultimate ability, which can completely change the outcome of a team fight.

Is Symmetra Autistic?

Yes, Symmetra is autistic. In the game Overwatch, she is classified as an “Support” character and her abilities all revolve around setting up defenses and traps, which many have interpreted as a metaphor for her Asperger’s Syndrome. She is one of the few confirmed autistic characters in fiction.

Is Symmetra a Good Hero?

Symmetra is one of the more unique heroes in Overwatch. She’s a support character that doesn’t fit neatly into any one category. Her main function is to set up defensive positions with her turrets, but she also has some powerful offensive abilities.

So, is Symmetra a good hero? The answer isn’t cut and dry. In certain situations, Symmetra can be incredibly useful.

Her turrets can help control an area and her Photon Projector beam can deal serious damage to enemies. However, she lacks mobility and her abilities are all situational. When playing against a well-coordinated team, Symmetra can often be a liability.

So, it really depends on the situation you’re in as to whether or notSymmetra is a good hero. If you need to set up a defensive position or hold an objective, she can be extremely helpful. But if you’re getting flanked by mobile enemies or need to push forward quickly, another hero might be better suited for the task.

The ONLY Symmetra Guide You'll Ever Need – Overwatch 2

How to Play Symmetra Ow2

In Overwatch, Symmetra is a powerful support character that can easily take down enemies. She is equipped with a Photon Projector, which can fire an energy beam that damages and stuns enemies, as well as a Shield Generator that creates a protective barrier for her allies. Additionally, Symmetra has the ability to place Teleporter Pads which allow her teammates to instantly travel to their desired location.

When playing as Symmetra, it is important to always be aware of your surroundings and utilize your abilities in order to best support your team. When attacking enemies, use your Photon Projector to fire at them while they are stunned in order to maximize damage. Additionally, be sure to place your Shield Generator in an area where it will benefit the most people on your team.

Lastly, make use of your Teleporter Pads when needed in order to quickly get your teammates into position or out of danger.


In Overwatch, Symmetra is one of the most unique heroes. She doesn’t fit into any one specific role, but her abilities make her a valuable asset on any team. Her main ability is to create turrets, which can be used to defensive purposes or to help push the team forward.

She also has a shield ability, which can be used to protect allies or herself. Lastly, she has a teleport ability, which can be used to get teammates out of sticky situations or to reach high ground quickly. While she may not be the easiest hero to play, her versatility makes her a force to be reckoned with.

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