How to Play Xayah


To play Xayah, you need to have a strong understanding of the game and what each role entails. In the early game, focus on farming and staying alive while your team secures objectives. Try to stay behind your teammates and use your abilities to poke and zone enemies.

As the game progresses, look for opportunities to pick off stragglers or split push. Remember that your ultimate can be used as an escape tool or a powerful engage tool, so use it wisely!

  • Download and install the game on your computer
  • Start the game and select Xayah from the character selection screen
  • Enter into a match and wait for it to start
  • When the match begins, stay close to your team and help them take down enemy players and towers
  • Try to get as many kills as possible while avoiding dying yourself
  • Help your team push through the enemy defenses and take down their base to win the match!

Xayah Build

Xayah is a mobile Marksman who excels at kiting and picking off enemies from long range. Her Featherstorm (W) allows her to barrage enemies with a hail of feathers, while her Bladecaller (E) damages and slows targets hit. She can also use these abilities to create a wall of wind that knocks enemies back and gives her a speed boost.

Her ultimate, Chakram (R), launches a spinning disc that returns to her, damaging all enemies it hits along the way. When building Xayah, you should focus on items that increase her attack damage and critical strike chance. For example, you could start with a Doran’s Blade and Boots of Speed, then build into Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer.

From there, you can choose items based on the enemy team’s composition; if they have lots of armor, consider Last Whisper; if they have lots of magic damage dealers, go for Maw of Malmortius. Remember to buy wards and place them around the map to ensure your safety while farming or pushing lanes. In terms of runes, take Precision page with Fleet Footwork as your Keystone Rune.

This will allow you to kite more easily and deal extra damage when auto-attacking enemies. For your other runes, take Triumph, Legend: Alacrity and Coup de Grace for some early game power; or alternatively take Glacial Augment if you want more utility in your kit. As always, adapt your choices to the situation at hand!

How to Play Xayah
How to Play Xayah 4


How Do You Play Good Xayah?

Xayah is a mobile marksman who excels at kiting and burst damage. In order to play her effectively, you must be able to position yourself well and take advantage of her long range and high mobility. Here are some tips on how to play Xayah:

1. Use your Q (Rakan’s Featherstorm) to engage or disengage from fights. It provides a good amount of burst damage and can be used to quickly escape if needed. 2. Position yourself carefully in teamfights so that you can get the most out of your ult (The Dreadclaw).

This ability deals massive damage and can easily turn the tide of a fight if used correctly. 3. Take advantage of Xayah’s long range with her auto-attacks and Q. Use them to poke enemies from afar and whittle them down before moving in for the kill. 4. Try to kite enemies whenever possible, using your speedboost from W (Bladecaller) to stay ahead of them while you deal damage.

This will allow you to avoid getting focused down in fights and picking up easy kills.

Is Xayah Hard to Learn?

There is no easy answer when it comes to learning Xayah. This champion can be difficult to master due to her tricky kit and lack of escape options. However, those who are willing to put in the time and effort will find that Xayah is a highly rewarding pick.

Here are some tips to help you get started on your journey to becoming a formidable Xayah player: 1) Understand Xayah’s unique mechanics – One of the biggest challenges when learning Xayah is understanding her abilities and how they interact with one another. Make sure you take the time to study up on each of her skills so that you know exactly what they do and how they can be used effectively in game.

2) Use practice tools – There are plenty of great tools available online that can help you practice playing as Xayah. Utilize these resources to get better at last hitting, positioning, and using her abilities correctly. 3) Find a good build – There is no one-size-fits-all build for Xayah, so it’s important that you experiment with different itemization options until you find something that works well for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from more experienced players or consult online guides if you’re unsure where to start. 4) Get plenty of experience – As with any champion, the best way to learn how to play Xayah well is by getting lots of experience with her in game. Try out different strategies and see what works best for you in various situations.

The more games you play, the better your understanding of this champion will become.

What Role Does Xayah Play?

Xayah is a marksman who excels at single target damage. She is often played in the bottom lane with a support who can protect her and help her survive in fights. Xayah’s kit allows her to deal large amounts of burst damage from range, making her a threat to squishy targets.

She can also use her feathers to escape or chase down enemies.

What Can I Play With Xayah?

There are a lot of ways that you can use Xayah in your game. She is a great character to have and she brings a lot to the table. Here are some ideas on how you can use her:

1) Use Xayah as an initiator. She has a great kit that allows her to jump into the fray and start fights. Her E-R Combo is especially useful for this, as it gives her a huge burst of movement speed which lets her close the gap quickly.

2) Use Xayah as a counter-attacker. Her kit excels at punishing enemies who make mistakes. Her Q deals massive damage if they are caught in the outer circle, and her W slows them down, making it easy to catch up and finish them off.

3) Use Xayah as an escape artist. Her E provides a powerful dash that can help her escape from bad situations, or close the gap on enemies who are trying to flee. Additionally, her Ultimate provides brief invulnerability, making it perfect for getting out of sticky situations.


League of Legends is a popular game and many people want to know how to play Xayah. In this blog post, we will give you some tips on playing Xayah. First, you need to understand her strengths and weaknesses.

She is a very mobile champion and can easily dodge enemy attacks. However, she is weak against champions who can control the space around her. Second, you need to learn how to use her abilities correctly.

Her Q ability gives her a lot of mobility and can be used to escape or chase enemies. Her W ability does a lot of damage but has a long cooldown so you need to use it wisely. Her E ability slows down enemies which can be helpful in team fights or when chasing an enemy.

Lastly, her ultimate ability deals massive damage to all nearby enemies so make sure you use it at the right time! Third, you need to know when to engage in combat and when to back off. Xayah is not the best champion in early game so try not to fight too much during that time.

Once you get more items and reach late game, that’s when she shines the most. In team fights, always focus on taking down the enemy carry first as Xayah can easily take them out with her high damage output. Following these tips will help you become better at playing Xayah!

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