How to Randomize Pokemon Ultra Moon


To randomize a Pokémon game, first download a ROM of the game you want to play. Then, open the ROM in a hex editor and search for text strings that correspond to Pokémon names. Replace these text strings with other Pokémon names, save your changes, and then open the ROM in an emulator to play.

  • Enter your game of choice and open the cheat menu by pressing L+Down+Select
  • Highlight “Randomize” and press A
  • Choose your desired settings and press A again to confirm
  • Your game will now randomize!

Universal Pokemon Randomizer

If you’re a fan of Pokemon, then you’ve probably heard of the Universal Pokemon Randomizer. This handy tool allows you to randomize any Pokemon game in order to create a new and unique experience. Whether you want to add some extra challenge to your game or just want to see what kinds of wacky teams you can come up with, the Universal Pokemon Randomizer is a great way to do it.

There are a few different ways to use the randomizer, but the most popular is probably by using an emulator. This allows you to play your randomized game on your computer, which makes it easy to save and share with others. You can also use the randomizer on your handheld device if you prefer, but keep in mind that not all games are compatible with this method.

Once you have your emulator or handheld set up, simply load up your chosen Pokemon game and select “Universal Pokemon Randomizer” from the list of options. From there, you’ll be able to customize how much randomization you want in your game. You can choose to randomize just the starters, or every single Pokemon encounter in the game.

No matter what setting you choose, be prepared for some surprises! After choosing your settings, all that’s left is to start playing! Keep in mind that depending on how much randomization you’ve selected, certain parts of the game may be more difficult than usual.

For example, if you’ve randomized all of thePokemon encounters , then wild battles may be tougher than normal since you don’t know what kinds of Pokmon will show up. Regardless, half of the fun is seeing what crazy situations arise as a result of the randomization , so go out there and enjoy yourself !

How to Randomize Pokemon Ultra Moon
How to Randomize Pokemon Ultra Moon 4


How Do I Set Up Pokemon Randomizer?

To set up a Pokemon randomizer, you’ll need a copy of the Pokemon game you want to randomize, a computer with an emulator and the ability to run that emulator, and a copy of the randomizer program. The first step is to download and install an emulator like VisualBoy Advance or mGBA. Next, open the emulator and load your Pokemon game.

Once the game is loaded, open the randomizer program. Select your options for what you want to randomize in the game – this could be things like which Pokemon appear, their movesets, or items they hold. Once you’ve selected your options, click ‘Randomize’ and then ‘Save Rom’.

Now when you open your game in the emulator, it will be randomized according to your settings!

How to Do a Randomizer on Switch?

If you’re looking to add a little bit of randomness to your Switch gameplay, there are a few ways to do it. One way is to use the “Shuffle” option in the Games & More menu. This will randomly select one of your games and load it up.

Another way to introduce some randomness into your Switch experience is by using a game like Super Mario Odyssey that has built-in randomization options. In Odyssey, you can shake certain objects to release a shower of coins, or talk to Toads who will give you different challenges each time. There’s also a chance that enemies will drop randomized items when defeated.

If you want even more control over the randomness factor, there are some third-party options available as well. For example, the Randomizer app for Switch lets you customize exactly how randomized you want your gameplay to be. You can specify which games should be included in the shuffle, and how often they should appear.

You can also set up rules for what happens when you get a gameover, or how many lives you start with. And if you really want things to be unpredictable, you can even have the app select button inputs for you! Whichever method you choose, adding a touch of randomness to your Switch gaming can make things more interesting and fun.

So go ahead and give it a try!

How Do You Play Nuzlocke Randomizer?

A Nuzlocke Randomizer is a type of challenge run for the Pokémon games. The basic idea is that you can only catch the first Pokémon you encounter in each area, and if a Pokémon faints, it must be permanently retired. There are variations of this challenge, but that is the gist of it.

To do a Nuzlocke Randomizer, you will need two things: a copy of any Pokémon game from Generation III or newer, and a computer program called the “Nuzlocke Randomizer”. First, open up the Nuzlocke Randomizer program. You will be presented with many options – don’t worry, we’ll go over all of them.

For now, just set the “Game Version” to whatever game you’re using, and set the “Output Folder” to somewhere on your computer where you can easily find it. Next, click on the “Advanced” tab. This is where things start to get interesting.

The first thing you should do is scroll down and check the box labeled “Enable Shiny Pokemon”. This means that any shiny Pokémon you encounter will have an increased chance of being caught (more on this later). Now look at the top section labeled “Pokémon Options”.

These options determine which Pokémon will appear in your game. For example, if you want there to be more water-type Pokémon available, you would increase the value next to “Water Frequency”. If you want there to be fewer Normal-type Pokémon overall, you would decrease the value next to “Normal Frequency”.

And so on for every other type. It’s up to you how easy or difficult you want your game to be; just keep in mind that if you make it too easy (by increasing frequencies too much), it might not be as fun or challenging. Once you’re happy with your settings here, click on the “Randomize!” button at the bottom of this window.

The program will now randomize which specific Pokémon appear where in your game! When it’s done, click on OK and then close out of this window entirely. Now open up your chosenPokémongameand get ready for an adventure! Good luck!


To randomize your Pokemon in Ultra Moon, you’ll need to first download a file called “pk3ds” from the internet. Next, open up the program and select your game’s file. After that, choose the option to randomize your Pokemon.

Finally, save your changes and enjoy playing with your new team!

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