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A kind and loving mother, Toriel takes in any creature that comes her way. Whether it be a lost child, an injured animal, or even a monster, she will care for them as if they were her own. Her home is a warm and inviting place, full of love and safety.

Though she may seem strict at times, she only wants what’s best for those under her care. Here are some tips on how to spare Toriel in battle.

Undertale – How to Spare Toriel

  • Talk to Toriel in a friendly manner and try not to fight with her
  • Spare her when you have the chance and she will eventually stop attacking you
  • Once she stops attacking you, you can then talk to her and persuade her to spare you as well

How to Spare Doggo

Doggos are such lovable creatures. They bring us so much joy and happiness, but sometimes they can be a little too much for us to handle. That’s when we have to put them in their place and let them know that we’re the boss.

Here’s how you can do that without being too mean. 1) Ignore them when they jump up on you or bark excessively. Dogs live in the moment, so if you ignore their bad behavior it will eventually stop.

2) Be consistent with your commands. If you tell them “no” once, make sure you follow through every time they do it again. They’ll learn eventually that you mean what you say.

3) Reward good behavior with treats or affection. This will reinforce the positive actions that you want to see from your dog. 4) Finally, if all else fails and your dog is still misbehaving, consult a professional trainer or behaviorist for help.

How to Get Past Toriel Without Killing Her

In the game Undertale, there is a character named Toriel who guards the entrance to the Ruins. If you want to progress in the game, you need to find a way past her. While it is possible to kill Toriel, it’s not necessary.

There are other ways to get past her. One way to get past Toriel is by talking to her and convincing her that you’re not going to hurt anyone. This can be done by saying things like “I’m just trying to leave” or “I won’t hurt anyone, I promise”.

Once she believes you, she’ll let you go. Another way to get past Toriel is by simply avoiding her. You can do this by staying hidden whenever she’s around or by running away from her if she comes close.

Eventually she’ll get tired of looking for you and will give up, allowing you to progress in the game. Whatever method you choose, getting past Toriel without killing her is possible. Just be patient and keep trying until you find a method that works for you!

How to Spare Undyne

If you’re playing through Undertale and want to spare Undyne, there are a few things you need to do. First, when you reach her in Hotland, don’t fight her. Instead, wait until she’s about to attack and then use your SOUL mode to dodge her attacks.

After dodging for a while, she’ll get tired and you’ll be able to talk to her. During the conversation, select all of the pacifist choices. This will eventually lead to a point where she asks you to spar with her.

Again, don’t fight back – just keep dodging until she gets tired out. Once Undyne is exhausted, she’ll give up and let you go on your way.

How Many Times Do You Have to Spare Toriel

Assuming you are talking about the game Undertale: In order to get the true ending in Undertale, you have to kill Toriel three times. The first two times will result in a bad ending, but the third time is when she finally stays dead.

This can be done by simply attacking her with your weapon of choice until her HP reaches zero.

What Happens If You Spare Toriel

In the world of Undertale, there is a creature known as Toriel. She is a kindly monster who takes care of lost children in the Underground. If you are fortunate enough to meet her, she will offer to take you in and care for you.

However, if you wish to spare her and move on with your journey, there are a few things you should know. For one, Toriel is incredibly stubborn and will not give up easily. She will continue to try and talk you out of leaving, even going so far as to battle you if necessary.

If you do manage to spare her, she will be heartbroken but ultimately respect your decision. She will bid you farewell and send you on your way with some helpful items. While it is possible to stay with Toriel and live peacefully underground, most players choose to move on eventually.

Whichever choice you make, just know thatTorielis a kind soul who only wants what’s best for those she meets – even if they don’t always realize it themselves.

How Does Flowey Know I Killed Toriel

In Undertale, Flowey is the first character you meet. He’s a friendly flower who seems to be helpful at first, but it quickly becomes clear that he’s not to be trusted. One of the things he says early on is “You killed Toriel, didn’t you?”

How does he know this? It turns out that when you kill Toriel in a Genocide Route, her soul is sent to Asgore’s house. Flowey somehow manages to absorb her soul, which gives him the ability to speak with her memories.

This is how he knows what happened – and he uses it against you throughout the game.

Do You Have to Kill Toriel in Pacifist

In the hit indie game Undertale, players are given the choice to go through the game without killing a single soul. This is called the “Pacifist” route. One of the main characters you encounter early on is Toriel, a motherly figure who tries to guide you through your journey.

However, in order to complete the Pacifist route, you must eventually kill Toriel. This can be an incredibly tough decision for players, as Toriel has been nothing but kind and helpful up until this point. She’s even offered to let you stay with her in her home!

However, if you want to complete the Pacifist route, you must fight and kill Toriel. It’s possible that some players may feel guilty about killing such a kindhearted character. But it’s important to remember that this is just a game, and no one real is getting hurt.

In fact, many players find they enjoy the challenge of completing the Pacifist route more than they expected!

Are You Supposed to Kill Toriel

We all know that killing monsters is a huge no-no in most cases, but what about Toriel? Is it really necessary to kill her in order to progress through the game? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this decision.

On one hand, if you spare Toriel’s life she will become an invaluable ally. She’ll teach you everything you need to know about the Underground and help you fight your way through it. She’s also incredibly powerful and can easily dispatch most enemies with little trouble.

On the other hand, if you kill her she drops some very useful items like a soul heart and access to her room which contains even more powerful items. Plus, killing her allows you to progress further into the game and eventually reach the surface. So what’s the verdict?

Well, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. If you want an easier time progressing through the game then killing Toriel is probably your best bet. However, if you’re looking for a more challenging experience or simply don’t want to deal with the guilt of killing such a kindhearted creature then sparing her might be better for you.

How to Spare Toriel
How to Spare Toriel 4


How Many Times Do You Spare Toriel?

Assuming you are talking about the game Undertale, in order to spare Toriel you must do a specific set of actions during your fight with her. If you successfully complete these actions, she will stop attacking and let you go. The first thing you need to do is lower her HP to just below half.

At this point, she will start using fire magic instead of physical attacks. Once she starts using fire magic, simply dodge all of her attacks until she uses a move called “Soul Flash”. When she uses Soul Flash, it means she’s about to use her strongest attack.

Immediately after she uses Soul Flash, press the “ACT” button and select the “Mercy” option. If done correctly, Toriel should stop attacking and let you leave.

What Happens If You Kill Toriel Then Reset?

If you kill Toriel in the game Undertale and then reset, you will be sent back to the beginning of the game. You will have to start from the very beginning, including going through all of the tutorials. However, if you had already finished the game before and are simply resetting it, you will not have to go through the tutorials again.

Where is Toriel After Sparing Her?

After sparing Toriel, she can be found in her home in the Ruins. If you talk to her, she’ll say that she’s glad you spared her and that she’s been thinking about what to do next. She mentions that she might go back to the Surface one day, but for now, she’s content to stay in the Ruins.

Can You Spare Toriel in Neutral?

In short, no. While it is possible to get by without killing Toriel in a Neutral Route, it is significantly more difficult. If you choose not to kill her, she will eventually become hostile and try to kill you herself.

It is therefore generally recommended that you kill her when you have the chance.


In the post, the author gives tips on how to make Toriel an easier fight. They suggest attacking her when she’s distracted, using fire magic on her, and avoiding her attacks.

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