How to Surrender in Dota 2


In Dota 2, “surrendering” is when your team decides to call the match early and concede defeat. It’s not something that you do lightly, but sometimes it’s the best course of action. Here’s how to surrender in Dota 2.

First, open the game console by pressing the ` key. Then, type in the following command: vote_end_game 0 5. This will start a vote to end the game early, with a 5-minute timer.

If your team votes yes, then the game will end and you will be awarded whatever percentage of victory your team has earned up to that point (e.g., if you’re at 20% win chance when you surrender, your team will get 20% of the possible gold and experience). However, if even one person on your team votes no or leaves before voting, then the vote will fail and nothing will happen. There are some drawbacks to surrendering.

First, it ends the match early for everyone involved; second, it gives your opponent an easy win; third, it could reflect poorly on you personally (e.g., if you’re trying to climb in ranked matches). With all that said, there are also times when surrendering is absolutely the right call – for example, if you’re getting stomped badly and there’s no hope of coming back from behind. If you find yourself in a situation where you think surrendering might be appropriate, talk to your team first and see what they think.

If everyone is on board with ending things early, then go ahead and cast your vote!

you can now surrender in dota

  • Find an enemy hero to focus on
  • Preferably, this hero should be alone and relatively far away from their teammates
  • Attack the enemy hero and get them low on health
  • Do not kill them outright, as this will cause them to respawn at their base
  • When the enemy hero is low on health, position yourself so that they have to walk past you in order to return to their base
  • As they walk past you, right-click on them to initiate a surrender vote
  • All players must confirm the vote for it to go through
How to Surrender in Dota 2
How to Surrender in Dota 2 4


How Do I Surrender in Dota 2

In Dota 2, there are two ways to surrender – through the game’s interface, or by typing “gg” in chat. To surrender through the game’s interface, open the settings menu and click on the “Surrender” button. This will bring up a vote window, and all players will have to agree to surrender before the game ends.

If even one player disagrees, the vote will fail. To surrender by typing “gg” in chat, simply type “gg” into the chat box. All players will automatically be notified that a surrender has been requested, and they can type “gg” as well to confirm it.

Once every player has confirmed the surrender, the game will end immediately.

This Will Prompt a Vote to Surrender, Which All Players Must Agree to in Order for the Match to End Early

If a team is substantially behind in a match, they may choose to vote to surrender. This will prompt a vote amongst all of the players, and if everyone agrees, the match will end early. This can be beneficial for both teams, as it allows the losing team to avoid an embarrassing defeat, and the winning team to move on to the next match more quickly.


In Dota 2, the act of “surrendering” is when a team decides to call an end to the match before it’s officially over. There are a few reasons why someone might want to do this; maybe they’re hopelessly outmatched and know they can’t win, or maybe they’ve just had enough and don’t want to continue. Regardless of the reason, surrendering is a perfectly valid option in Dota 2 – but it has to be done correctly in order for it to work.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to properly surrender in Dota 2.

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