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If you’re a fan of the Dark Souls series, then you’re probably familiar with the Rite of Kindling. For those who don’t know, the Rite of Kindling is a mechanic that allows players to increase the number of bonfires they can have active at one time. This can be extremely useful for players who want to make progress in the game without having to constantly backtrack to a bonfire.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use the Rite of Kindling to your advantage.

Dark Souls Remastered [Rite of Kindling and How to use it]

  • The first step is to find the bonfire that you wish to kindle
  • Once you have found the bonfire, light a torch using a piece of flint and steel
  • Next, use the lit torch to ignite the fuel at the bottom of the bonfire pile
  • Once the fire has been lit, carefully add more fuel to keep it burning
  • You can then use the Rite of Kindling to increase the maximum number of uses for your Estus Flask by sacrificing 20% of your total health

How to Get Rite of Kindling

If you’re looking to get the Rite of Kindling in Dark Souls 3, you’ll need to do a bit of work. First, you’ll need to find the Great Belfry bonfire in the Grand Archives. From there, climb up the nearby ladder and turn left at the top.

You should see a corpse hanging from a beam – use a bow or crossbow to shoot it down and retrieve the Small Doll item. Next, head back down to ground level and make your way to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. Find Anor Londo on your map and travel there – once inside, take the first right and go through the door at the end of this hallway.

You should now be in a large room with many bookshelves – look for one that’s broken and jump down into it. At the bottom, you’ll find another Small Doll on a corpse – grab it and head back up to where you entered this room. From here, continue straight ahead until you reach an elevator (be careful of enemies along the way).

Take this elevator up two floors and exit onto a balcony overlooking Irithyll. Turn around and enter the building behind you – inside is Yorshka, an NPC who will give you the Eyes on Your Back miracle if spoken to (this is optional). Go back outside and use both Small Dolls on statues near where Yorshka was standing – this will raise two more elevators leading up out of this area.

Take either elevator up (they lead to different areas) but be careful as there are enemies waiting at the top. After dealing with them, follow either path until you come across another statue holding a small doll – use yours on it to receive yet anotherSmall Doll . Carry this one with you as you explore whichever area you’re in until you eventually come across an illusory wall blocking progress further ahead.

Use your new doll on this wall to reveal a hidden staircase leading down into darkness… At the bottom of these stairs is Karla , an NPC who sells items and gives information about kindling fireplaces if spoken to (she also requests that players do not kill her). Just past Karla is another illusory wall which can be revealed by using your final Small Dollon it .

Doing so opens up access to an incredibly difficult boss battle against Sulyvahn’s Beast .

How Many Times Can You Use Rite of Kindling

Rite of Kindling is a Dark Souls mechanic that allows players to increase the number of uses for their bonfire. By offering up specific items, players can raise the level of their bonfire, and in turn, increase the number of times they can use it before having to rest at another bonfire. The downside to this is that if you’re not careful, you can easily overuse your Rite of Kindling and find yourself unable to progress in the game.

Is Rite of Kindling Permanent

When you kindle a fire, you’re essentially starting it from scratch. You need to build it up gradually, using smaller pieces of wood at first to create a base. Once the fire is established, you can add larger pieces of wood to keep it going.

The whole process can take quite a bit of time and effort, but it’s worth it when you have a roaring blaze to keep you warm. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a permanent rite of kindling. Once your fire burns out, you’ll have to start the whole process over again if you want to restart it.

This can be frustrating, especially if you were hoping to keep the fire going all night long. There are ways to make the process easier, though, and we’ll explore some of those below.

How to Get Rite of Kindling Dark Souls

If you’re looking for help on how to get Rite of Kindling in Dark Souls, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for tips and advice on how to obtain this essential item. Rite of Kindling is an important item in Dark Souls that allows you to kindle bonfires, making them last longer and providing more Estus Flask charges.

It can be a bit tricky to find, but we’ll show you where it is and how to get it. To start, head over to the Undead Parish and make your way up to the top of the bell tower. Climb the ladder at the top and light the sconce with your torch to ring the bell.

This will summon a blacksmith named Andrei who will offer his services. Buy anything you need from him (you should have plenty of souls by now) and then continue down into his basement workshop. Once in Andrei’s workshop, take a left and go through the door into an alleyway.

At the end of this alleyway is another door which leads into a room containing three chests – one of which contains the Rite of Kindling. Loot it and then backtrack out of Andrei’s workshop (being careful not to aggro him) and make your way back down to whichever bonfire you wish to kindle.

Rite of Kindling Reddit

Rite of Kindling is a process that can be used to create new bonfires in Dark Souls. It allows players to trade in 10 humanity items for one bonfire, which can then be used to create another bonfire. This process can be repeated indefinitely, allowing players to create an infinite number of bonfires.

The Rite of Kindling is a great way to get started in Dark Souls, as it allows players to quickly create new bonfires and make progress through the game.

Secret Rite Dark Souls

Welcome to the world of Dark Souls! This game is full of secrets and hidden rites that players must discover for themselves. One such secret is the Dark Souls Secret Rite.

This rite can be performed by any player, regardless of their in-game progress. To do so, simply enter the following command into the chat box: /secretrite. Doing so will cause a dark fog to appear and engulf the player, along with a message reading “You have been chosen by fate.”

This rite will take the player to an alternate version of Firelink Shrine. In this version, the shrine is dark and abandoned, with no signs of life whatsoever. However, upon closer inspection, players will notice that there are dozens of corpses strewn about the area.

It is unknown who these people were or what caused their deaths, but it is clear that something sinister happened here long ago. Once inside, players must make their way to the back of the shrine where they will find a black door guarded by two skeleton warriors.

Rite of Kindling Lore

Rite of Kindling is a special event that occurs during the New Moon. It is when the druids light a sacred fire in honor of Elune. This event used to be called “The Burning of the Wick,” but was changed to its current name after the Cataclysm.

During this event, druids from all over Azeroth gather at a designated location to light a massive bonfire. Once lit, the fire burns for seven days and seven nights, until it finally goes out on its own accord. The Rite of Kindling is considered to be a very important part of druidic culture, as it is seen as a way to connect with nature and the goddess Elune.

How to Use Rite of Kindling
How to Use Rite of Kindling 4


How Does the Rite of Kindling Work?

The rite of kindling is a special ceremony performed by the Druids. It involves taking a small piece of wood, known as a “kindling”, and using it to light a sacred fire. The Druids believe that this fire represents the life-giving forces of nature, and that by kindling it they are able to tap into these powers.

The kindling itself is usually taken from a tree that has been struck by lightning. This is because the Druids believe that lightning is a sign from the gods, and that it contains great power. The wood is then carefully prepared and blessed by a Druid priest before it is used to light the fire.

Once lit, the fire is tended throughout the night, and anyone who wishes may come and add their own personal prayers or intentions to the flames. In the morning, the ashes from the fire are scattered on the ground, releasing all of the accumulated energy back into Mother Earth. The rite of kindling is an important part of Druidic tradition, and has been practiced for centuries.

It is a powerful way to connect with nature, and to ask for guidance and strength from the gods. If you are ever lucky enough to witness this ceremony, you will be sure to feel its power firsthand!

How Do You Use Right of Kindling in Dark Souls?

In the game Dark Souls, right of kindling allows you to increase the number of uses for your Estus flask. This is a very useful ability, as it can help you heal more often in tough battles. To use right of kindling, simply go to a bonfire and select the option to do so.

You will then need to offer up some souls, which can be acquired by defeating enemies. Once you have enough souls, simply light the bonfire and your estus flask will be upgraded!

Can You Only Use Rite of Kindling Once?

Rite of kindling is a bonfire mechanic in Dark Souls III. It allows players to increase the number of Estus Flask charges they can have at any one time. The maximum number of charges that can be attained through this mechanic is fifteen.

Players must have at least eight empty flasks in order to kindle the bonfire. Once the bonfire has been stoked, it will consume all remaining flasks and grant the player one additional charge for each flask used. There is no limit to how many times this process can be repeated, meaning that players could theoretically attain an infinite number of charges (if they had an endless supply of flasks, that is).

However, there are diminishing returns associated with successive uses of the rite of kindling. Each time it is performed, the bonus granted by each subsequent flask decreases slightly. So while the first eight flasks will always grant one extra charge apiece, later ones may only add half a charge or even just a quarter of a charge to the total.

Ultimately, then, while there’s no hard limit on how many times you can use rite of kindling, it becomes less and less effective as you do so. If you’re looking to maximize your Estus usage, it’s probably best to stop once you hit around fifteen charges – any more than that isn’t likely to make much difference.

What is the Point of Kindling in Dark Souls?

There are a few reasons for why kindling is important in Dark Souls. For one, it allows players to increase the number of bonfires they can rest at without having to start all the way back at the last bonfire they rested at. This is especially useful if you’re trying to farm for items or defeat a difficult boss.

Kindling also gives players additional estus flask charges, which can be vital in tough battles. Finally, once a player has kindled all of the bonfires in an area, they will receive a special reward, such as an item or weapon. So overall, kindling is important for making progress in Dark Souls, both in terms of defeating bosses and farming items.

It’s also necessary for 100%ing an area. So if you’re looking to get the most out of your Dark Souls experience, make sure to keep those bonfires lit!


Rite of Kindling is a tool that allows players to increase the number of bonfires they can have lit at any one time in Dark Souls III. The process is simple: first, choose the bonfire you wish to use as your “kindling” point; then, light all other bonfires in the game. Doing so will raise the kindled bonfire’s level by one, allowing you to light one additional fire.

Each new level increases the maximum number of simultaneous fires by two—up to a maximum of 10 at kindled level five. To take full advantage of this system, it’s important to understand how and when to use each type of bonfire. Standard bonfires will give you a single Estus Flask charge and heal any status ailments you may have acquired since last resting there.

Purging Stones found throughout the world can be used on these fires to remove their negative effects, such as curse buildup or poison accumulation. Bonfires lit using an Ember will provide two charges, while those ignited with a Black Separation Crystal will offer three. These special flames also come with benefits not found at regular campfires—like increased Item Discovery or increased stamina regeneration—so be sure to take advantage of them when possible.

In addition to raising the maximum number of active fires, Rite of Kindling also has another key purpose: it allows players to access previously un-lit boss arenas.

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