How to Woohoo in Sims 2


There are a few different ways to woohoo in Sims 2. The most common way is to click on the bed and select the “Woohoo” option. However, there are a few other ways to do it as well.

With the Hot Date expansion pack, you can woohoo in public places by clicking on your sim’s clothing and selecting the “woohoo” option. You can also purchase a love bed from buy mode, which will allow you to woohoo without having to use a bed.

  • To woohoo in Sims 2, open the door to a Sim’s house that you want to WooHoo with and click on the bed
  • Select “Try for Baby” from the menu that appears
  • Your Sim will automatically disrobe and get into bed with the other Sim
  • If both Sims have a high enough relationship, they will successfully WooHoo and may even conceive a baby!
How to Woohoo in Sims 2
How to Woohoo in Sims 2 4


How Do I Woohoo in Sims 2

In The Sims 2, WooHoo is a term used to describe the act of two Sims having Sim sex. To WooHoo with another Sim, both Sims must be at least Romance level 3 and not married (or joined in a Group Home). If these requirements are met, one of the following can happen:

-If two Sims are trying to WooHoo in a double bed, they will automatically attempt to undress each other. If both succeed, they will climb into bed and WooHoo. -If one Sim is trying to WooHoo with another who is taking a bath, the wooing Sim will join them in the tub.

-If one Sim is trying to WooHoo with another who is using the toilet, the wooing Sim will wait patiently until their partner has finished.

Where Can I Find a Partner to Woohoo With in Sims 2

There are a few ways to find a partner to woohoo with in Sims 2. The first is to look for someone who is already in a romantic relationship with another Sim. To do this, open up the Relationships panel and click on the “Romance” tab.

This will show you all of the Sims who are currently in a romantic relationship. If you see someone who you think would be compatible with your Sim, you can click on their name and then select “Ask to Woohoo.” Another way to find a partner to woohoo with is to visit one of the many online dating sites that are available for Sims 2.

To do this, simply go to and click on the “Online Dating” link. This will take you to a list of all of the available dating sites. Once you’ve found one that looks good, create an account and sign up your Sim.

After that, just browse through the profiles until you find someone that you think would be a good match, and then send them a message asking if they want to woohoo!

What are the Requirements for Two Sims to Be Able to Woohoo in Sims 2

In order for two Sims to be able to woohoo in Sims 2, they must first be close friends or best friends. Once they are close friends or best friends, they will then need to be in the same room together. Once they are in the same room together, one of the Sims will need to select the “woohoo” option from the menu.


In Sims 2, there are a few ways to woohoo. One way is to click on the bed and select “woohoo.” You can also add a woohoo interaction to your sim’s queue by clicking on the bed and selecting “add to queue.”

Another way to woohoo is to use the phone. Click on the phone and select “call for date.” Your sim will then ask their date if they want to come over and woohoo.

If they say yes, they’ll head over to your house and you’ll be able to woohoo.

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