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Once upon a time, there was an anime called “Who Made Me a Princess.” It was about a girl named Mia who was transported to another world and made into a princess. She didn’t want to be a princess, but she had to learn how to be one.

The anime was really good and I loved it.

Who Made Me a Princess fanmade trailer

If you’re a fan of shoujo anime, then you’ve probably heard of Who Made Me a Princess. The anime follows the story of a normal girl who is transported to another world and becomes a princess. While this may sound like your typical fantasy story, the anime sets itself apart by being incredibly cute and funny.

The main character, Athena, is an ordinary girl who is suddenly thrust into the role of royalty. She’s completely unprepared for her new life and has to learn how to be a princess on the fly. Thankfully, she has the help of her loyal knight, Sirius.

Together, they navigate through the politics and intrigue of royal life while also trying to find out who made Athena a princess in the first place. Who Made Me a Princess is a charming and delightful anime that will leave you with a smile on your face. If you’re looking for something light-hearted and fun, then this is the show for you!

Who Made Me a Princess Anime Trailer

The Who Made Me a Princess anime trailer has finally been released and it looks amazing! The story follows a young woman named Athanasia who is betrothed to a prince she doesn’t even know. When she meets him, she realizes that he is completely different from what she expected.

The trailer starts off with Athanasia’s mother telling her the news that she is to be betrothed to Prince Claudius. Athanasia isn’t thrilled about this arrangement but goes along with it anyway. She travels to the palace and meets Prince Claudius for the first time.

Claudius is nothing like Athanasia expected him to be. He’s kind, caring, and handsome. They quickly fall in love with each other and everything seems perfect.

However, there are those who disapprove of their relationship and plot to tear them apart. The trailer looks absolutely beautiful and the animation is top-notch. It’s definitely one of the most anticipated anime of the season.

Who Made Me a Princess is set to air in Japan on April 5th, 2019.

Is Who Made Me a Princess on Netflix

If you’re in the mood for a light-hearted, feel-good anime movie, then you should definitely check out Who Made Me a Princess on Netflix. The movie follows the story of a tomboyish princess named Sheena who is sent to another world and made into a princess against her will. While she initially struggles with all the royals rules and regulations, she eventually comes to embrace her new role and even falls in love with the prince!

If you’re looking for a fun and romantic anime movie to watch, then be sure to give Who Made Me a Princess a try.

Who Made Me a Princess — 1St

If you’re a fan of the who made me a princess webtoon, then you know that the story is about a girl named Sawako who is transformed into a princess. But who exactly made her a princess? We don’t really know much about the person who did this to Sawako.

All we know is that they are an extremely powerful individual with access to powerful magic. It is possible that this person is of royal blood themselves, or at least has some connection to royalty. Whoever they are, they must have wanted Sawako to experience what it’s like to be a real princess.

And judging by how things have turned out for her so far, it seems like their plan has been successful! Sawako has found herself in all sorts of situations that she never would have experienced as just a normal girl. She’s had to learn how to deal with scheming courtiers, fend off unwanted suitors, and even save her kingdom from destruction!

It’s been an eventful journey for sure, and one that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of whoever made her a princess in the first place. So if you’re ever curious about who exactly gave Sawako this amazing opportunity, just remember: whoever they are, they’re probably watching over her and rooting for her success!

Who Made Me a Princess Wattpad

Who Made Me a Princess is a story about a girl named Ella who is turned into a princess overnight. The story follows her as she adjusts to her new life and tries to figure out who made her a princess. Along the way, she meets new friends and discovers that being a princess isn’t always easy.

Who Made Me a Princess is written by an author known as “The Potato” on Wattpad. The story has been read over 8 million times and has received over 100,000 likes.

Who Made Me a Princess Lucas

Who Made Me a Princess Lucas is a heartwarming story about a young boy who discovers the meaning of true love. When Lucas’s parents die, he is sent to live with his grandparents. His grandfather is a kind and loving man, but his grandmother is cold and distant.

One day, while exploring the attic, Lucas finds an old photo album. Inside are pictures of his mother as a young girl, and she looks just like him! Lucas begins to wonder if his mother was actually a princess.

With the help of his grandfather, he sets out to discover the truth. Along the way, they meet some fascinating people and learn some incredible secrets. But most importantly, they come to understand the meaning of true love.

Who Made Me a Princess Wiki

“Who Made Me a Princess” is a South Korean webtoon written and illustrated by Plutus. It was published on Naver Webtoon from April 2014 to March 2019. The story follows the life of Sawako Kurisu, an average office worker who is suddenly whisked away to another world and made a princess.

She must now navigate the politics and intrigue of court life while trying to adjust to her new role. Along the way, she will make allies and enemies, find love and heartbreak, and discover that being a princess is not always as glamorous as it seems. “Who Made Me a Princess” is a charming, funny, and touching story that will appeal to fans of fantasy and romance alike.

If you’re looking for a light-hearted read with plenty of twists and turns, then this is the webtoon for you!

Who Made Me a Princess Characters

The story of Who Made Me a Princess is about a girl named Sophia who was cursed by an evil witch to become a princess. In order to break the curse, she must find true love’s kiss. Along the way, she meets many different characters who help her on her journey.

Here are some of the main characters in the story: Sophia – The main character of the story. She is a kind and caring person who just wants to break the curse that has been placed on her.

Prince Charming – A handsome prince who Sophia meets along her journey. He seems perfect for her, but does he really love her? Or is he just after her money?

The Evil Witch – The one responsible for cursing Sophia in the first place. She is always trying to stop Sophia from breaking the curse and becoming human again. The Fairy Godmother – A kind and wise fairy who helps Sophia on her journey.

She gives her advice and guidance when needed, but ultimately it is up to Sophia to save herself.

Wmmap Anime

Anime is a type of animation that originates from Japan. It is typically characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastic themes. Anime has been gaining popularity in the Western world for many years now, with fans all over the globe.

There are many different types of anime, ranging from action-packed adventure to heart-warming drama. Whatever your preference, there is sure to be an anime out there for you. One of the great things about anime is that it appeals to people of all ages; both young and old can enjoy these animated masterpieces.

If you’re new to the world of anime, then why not start with one of the most popular titles? Some fan-favorites include Attack on Titan, Death Note and Naruto. These anime are all available to watch online, so you can easily get started on your journey into this fascinating genre.

Who Made Me a Princess Anime
Who Made Me a Princess Anime 4

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Who Made Me a Princess Anime Genre?

The Who Made Me a Princess anime is a story about a girl named Fiona who dreams of becoming a princess. When she was younger, her parents died in a car accident, leaving her alone in the world. She was taken in by her aunt and uncle, who were not very affectionate towards her.

One day, Fiona’s life changed when she met a prince named Charles. He offered to make her his princess and take care of her for the rest of her life. Fiona agreed and became Charles’ princess.

The two of them lived happily ever after until one day, tragedy struck again when Charles died in an accident. Fiona was left alone once more but this time, she had the memories of her time with Charles to keep her going. The Who Made Me a Princess anime is classified as a romance anime because it focuses on the relationship between Fiona and Charles.

It is also considered to be a drama because there are elements of tragedy throughout the story. This anime is recommended for viewers who enjoy stories that focus on relationships and have some tragic elements mixed in.

Who is the Female Lead in Who Made Me a Princess?

The female lead in Who Made Me a Princess is a young woman named Amelie. She is of average height and has long, brown hair. Her eyes are blue.

She is pretty, but not beautiful. She is smart and clever, but not brilliant. In short, she is an ordinary girl who finds herself in an extraordinary situation.

Amelie’s story begins when she discovers that she is the lost princess of a small European country called Bellevue. For years, she has been living in France with her aunt and uncle, who told her that her parents died in a car accident. When Amelie learns the truth about her identity, she is reluctant to believe it at first.

But eventually she comes to accept that she is the rightful heir to the throne of Bellevue. Amelie’s journey to becoming a princess is not easy. She must contend with scheming politicians, treacherous nobility, and even assassination attempts.

But throughout it all, Amelie remains brave and determined to do what is right for her people. In the end, she emerges victorious as the new queen of Bellevue.


In the anime “Who Made Me a Princess,” the protagonist, Sawako Kuronuma, is an unpopular girl who is often mistaken for a ghost. One day, she saves a popular boy in her class, Shouta Kazehaya, from being hit by a falling sign. From then on, Kazehaya starts to take an interest in her and their relationship gradually begins to blossom.

However, as their friendship grows stronger, Sawako begins to realize that she may be falling in love with him.

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