How to Equip Treasures in Cookie Run Kingdom


To equip a treasure in Cookie Run: Kingdom, first tap on the treasure in your inventory. Then, tap the “Equip” button. A list of eligible cookies will appear.

Select the cookie you want to equip the treasure to.

5 BEST Treasures You MUST Have & Roll For! | Cookie Run Kingdom

  • In Cookie Run Kingdom, there are four types of treasures that can be equipped to help you in your runs: Speed Treasures, Stamina Treasures, Magnet Treasures, and Shield Treasures
  • To equip a treasure, go to the Treasure menu by tapping on the Treasure button on the bottom left corner of the screen
  • From there, select the treasure you want to equip and tap on the Equip button
  • Once a treasure is equipped, it will appear on your character as they run through the kingdom

How to Get Treasure Tickets in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom is a mobile game that was released in August 2019. The game is developed by devsisters, a Korean company. The objective of the game is to help the Cookie people bake cookies and save their kingdom from the evil forces that are trying to destroy it.

One of the ways you can help the Cookie people is by collecting treasure tickets. Here’s how you can get them: Treasure tickets are randomly dropped when you clear stages in Cookie Run Kingdom.

You can also get them as rewards for completing missions or events. Sometimes, they’re also given out as login bonuses. Keep an eye out for these opportunities so you can stock up on treasure tickets!

If you want to use your treasure tickets, tap on the “Treasure” button at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the treasure map where you can spend your tickets to reveal hidden treasures. There are three different types of treasures you can find: common, rare, and unique.

The type of treasure you get is determined by how many tickets you spend. So if you want a chance at getting rarer treasures, make sure to save up your tickets! Treasure chests aren’t just filled with random items—sometimes, they contain special ingredients that are needed to craft new cookie recipes!

If you see a chest with a cookie icon next to it, that means it contains one of these ingredients. Keep an eye out for these chests so you can expand your recipe collection!

Cookie Run: Kingdom Treasures Tier List

Cookie Run: Kingdom Treasures is a mobile game developed by Devsisters. It was released on September 28, 2016 for iOS and Android. The objective of the game is to collect as many cookies as possible, while avoiding obstacles.

There are four different modes in the game: Normal Mode, Time Attack Mode, Treasure Hunt Mode, and Challenge Mode. In each mode, there are different stages that must be completed in order to progress. Normal Mode is the basic mode of the game where players must collect a certain number of cookies in order to advance to the next stage.

Time Attack Mode requires players to collect a certain number of cookies within a time limit. Treasure Hunt Mode has players searching for hidden treasure chests throughout the stage. Challenge Mode features special stages that change every day and offer unique challenges to complete.

The following is a tier list for Cookie Run: Kingdom Treasures based on difficulty and usefulness: S-Tier: 1) Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie – This cookie is one of the best overall due to its high stats and ability to inflict damage over time on enemies.

It can easily take down most bosses with little effort. 2) Strawberry Pupcake – Another great all-around cookie due to its high stats and powerful attack buffing abilities. Its only drawback is its slightly lower health compared to other top tier cookies.

3) Oatmeal Raisin Cookie – A tanky cookie with high health and defense stats. It also has an ability that allows it to heal allies, making it a valuable support character. 4) Brownie – A physically strong cookie with decent health and defense stats.

Its unique ability allows it to call forth another brownie from inside itself, essentially doubling its damage output for one turn . 5) Vanilla Macaron – A fragile but fastcookie with high evasion stat s . It can dish out heavy damage with its two consecutive hits ability , but can often die quickly if it takes too much damage . 6 ) Rainbow Jelly Cake Pop- While this cookie may have low stats overall , it more than makes up for it with its powerful area –of effect abilities . 7) Honeycomb Waffle – This cookie has good physical strength along with an above average chanceto critical hit .

Treasure Cookie Run Kingdom

Welcome to Treasure Cookie Run Kingdom! Our kingdom is a land of sweet treats and magical creatures. We are home to the Cookie Fairies, who bake delicious cookies for all to enjoy.

Our kingdom is also home to the Sugarplum Fairy, who sprinkles her magic dust on our cookies to make them even sweeter! In our kingdom, every day is a celebration! And what better way to celebrate than with a treasure hunt?

That’s right – each day, the Cookie Fairies hide cookies around our kingdom for everyone to find. The more cookies you find, the more treasures you’ll earn! So come on over and join the fun!

There’s always something sweet happening in Treasure Cookie Run Kingdom!

Cookie Run Kingdom Treasure Ticket

There’s a new way to get more out of your Cookie Run gameplay, and it’s called Treasure Tickets! Here’s what you need to know about this latest addition to the game. Treasure Tickets are special items that can be used to exchange for rewards in the Kingdom.

To get started, simply tap on the Treasure Ticket icon from the main screen. From there, you’ll be able to see all the different types of rewards that are available, as well as how many tickets you currently have. To earn Treasure Tickets, simply play through the game and complete quests.

You’ll receive a small number of tickets for completing most quests, but some will offer a larger payout. In addition, certain events may also reward you with Treasure Tickets. Keep your eyes peeled for these opportunities!

Once you’ve collected enough tickets, it’s time to start redeeming them for rewards. The Kingdom offers a wide variety of goodies, including rare cookies, powerful boosters, and more. Be sure to check back often as new rewards are added on a regular basis!

So what are you waiting for? Start collecting those Treasure Tickets today and enjoy all the great benefits they have to offer!

Cookie Run: Kingdom Treasures Max Level

Cookie Run: Kingdom Treasures is a game for mobile devices that allows players to collect virtual treasure while avoiding obstacles. The game is free-to-play, but offers in-app purchases for optional items. The objective of the game is to collect as much treasure as possible while avoiding obstacles such as enemy cookies, holes in the ground, and other hazards.

Players can use power-ups to help them overcome these obstacles. Treasure comes in various forms, such as coins, jewels, and cakes. When players have collected enough treasure, they can level up.

There are a total of 100 levels in the game. Upon reaching certain levels, new worlds will be unlocked for play. Players can also complete achievements to earn rewards.

These rewards can be used to purchase items in the game’s store. Some of these items include new outfits for your character and special power-ups.

How to Equip Treasures in Cookie Run Kingdom
How to Equip Treasures in Cookie Run Kingdom 4


How Do You Use Treasures in Cookie Kingdom?

In Cookie Kingdom, treasures are used to purchase items from the in-game store. To access the store, tap on the treasure icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. This will open up a menu with all of the different items that can be bought with treasures.

Tap on the item you want to purchase and then confirm your purchase. The item will be sent to your inbox and can be used from there.

What is the Rarest Treasure in Cookie Run Kingdom?

There are many different types of treasures that can be found in Cookie Run Kingdom. However, the rarest and most valuable treasure is the legendary Golden Cookie. This cookie is said to be made from the finest ingredients and infused with magical powers.

It is said that whoever eats this cookie will be granted immense wealth and power. Unfortunately, there have only been a handful of these cookies ever found, so their true value is unknown.

How Do You Get Treasures in Cookie Run?

There are a few ways to get treasures in Cookie Run. The first way is by completing levels. Each level has three treasure chests that you can open by reaching the end of the level.

The second way is by purchasing them in the shop. You can use cookies or crystals to buy treasure chests in the shop. The third way is through events.

Sometimes, special events will be held that will give you the chance to earn extra treasures. Finally, you can also get treasures by exchanging codes with other players.

How Do You Change Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom?

In Cookie Run Kingdom, you can change your cookies by going to the settings menu and tapping on the “Change Cookies” option. This will allow you to select a new cookie from a list of available options. Once you’ve selected a new cookie, all of your progress will be transferred to that cookie.


In Cookie Run: Kingdom, players can equip their characters with different kinds of treasures to help them progress through the game. There are four different types of treasures in the game: weapons, armor, accessories, and food. Each type of treasure has its own specific function and can be equipped in one of three slots on a character’s body.

To equip a treasure, players must first select the character they want to equip it on. Then, they must tap on the “Equip” button at the bottom of the screen. A menu will pop up with all of the different types of treasures that can be equipped.

Players must then select the type of treasure they want to equip and drag it into one of the three slots on their character’s body. Once a treasure is equipped, players can see its effects by tapping on the “Stats” button at the bottom of the screen. This will show how much attack power or defense power a character has, as well as any other effects that the treasure might have.

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