How to Get Exp Fast in Cookie Run Kingdom


There are many ways to get EXP fast in Cookie Run Kingdom. One way is to complete the Daily Quests. These quests can be found in the “Quests” section of the game.

There are also other quest types that give out a lot of EXP, such as Event Quests and Special Quests. Another way to get EXP fast is by defeating enemies in battles. The harder the battle, the more EXP you will earn.

You can also use items that give out a large amount of EXP, such as Lucky Cookies and Magic Cookies.

The BEST WAYS to get XP Jellies! -Cookie Run Kingdom

  • Clear as many levels as possible in the Kingdom
  • The more levels you clear, the more EXP you will earn
  • Collect as many cookies as possible
  • Cookies are used to purchase items in the game that will help you level up faster
  • Make use of the Daily quests and rewards system
  • Complete as many quests as possible each day to earn EXP bonuses
  • Take advantage of any events that may be happening in the game
  • These usually award large amounts of EXP for completing simple tasks

Cookie Run Kingdom Exp Farm

Cookie Run Kingdom is a popular mobile game that allows players to collect and upgrade cookies, as well as earn rewards by completing quests. One of the best ways to earn rewards in the game is by farming EXP. In this article, we’ll show you how to farm EXP effectively in Cookie Run Kingdom.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re using the right tools for the job. You’ll want to use a high-powered device such as an iPhone 6s or 7 Plus, iPad Pro, or Samsung Galaxy S8+. These devices will allow you to run the game at its highest settings, giving you the best possible experience.

Once you have your device set up, it’s time to start farming EXP. The easiest way to do this is by completing quests. There are a variety of different quests available in Cookie Run Kingdom, and they’re all worth completing if you’re looking to farm EXP quickly.

However, some quests are more effective than others when it comes to farmingEXP . One of the most effective quest types for EXP farming is Daily Quests . These are typically short and easy to complete, and they often reward a large amount ofEXP .

Another great quest type for EXP farming is Event Quests . While these can be more difficult than Daily Quests , they also tend to offer better rewards. Finally, another great way to farmEXP is by participating in guild activities .

Your guild will often have events that awardEXP , so make sure you participate in them whenever possible! By following these tips, you should be ableto farmEXP quickly and easily in Cookie Run Kingdom .

How to Get Star Jellies Fast in Cookie Run Kingdom

The long-awaited Cookie Run: Kingdom has finally been released! Here’s a quick guide on how to get Star Jellies, the game’s premium currency. There are three main ways to get Star Jellies in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

The first is by completing missions and achievements. These can be found in the “Missions” tab of the game menu. Many of the missions will require you to use specific cookies or power-ups, so be sure to check what you’ll need before starting them.

The second way to get Star Jellies is by buying them with real money. You can do this in the “Shop” tab of the game menu. The prices for Star Jellies range from $0.99 for 10 jellies all the way up to $49.99 for 750 jellies, so choose wisely!

Finally, you can also earn Star Jellies by watching videos or completing offers in the “Rewards” section of the game menu. These offers will usually require you to download another app or sign up for a free trial, so make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully before proceeding. That’s all there is to know about how to get Star Jellies in Cookie Run: Kingdom!

Use these methods to stock up on jellies and start your journey toward becoming the ultimate cookie king or queen!

How to Level Up Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, there are two ways to level up your cookies – through leveling up buildings or by using gems. To level up buildings, you’ll need to collect building materials from defeated enemies and quests. Once you have enough materials, head to the workshop and start upgrading!

Each building has four levels, and each level requires more materials than the last. Keep upgrading until your buildings are at max level! If you’re short on time or patience, you can also use gems to instantly level up your cookies.

Just head to the cookie menu and select the “Level Up” option. You’ll be prompted to select how many levels you want to skip – the more levels you bypass, the more gems it will cost. After selecting your desired number of skipped levels, just hit confirm and your cookie will be instantly leveled up!

How to Get Star Jellies in Cookie Run Kingdom

Star jellies are one of the most sought after items in Cookie Run Kingdom. They can be used to upgrade your cookies, provide extra lives, and even increase your score. Here are some tips on how to get them:

1. One of the easiest ways to get star jellies is by completing quests. Check the quest board often and complete as many quests as possible. Many of them will reward you with star jellies.

2. Another way to get star jellies is by participating in events. Events are held frequently in Cookie Run Kingdom and usually offer good rewards for participants, including star jellies. 3. You can also get star jellies by purchasing them from the shop using coins or gems.

Be sure to check the shop often as new items are constantly being added, includingstar jellies. 4 Finally, you can also receive star jellies as gifts from friends who play Cookie Run Kingdom . So be sure to add all your friends and family members to your list!

Cookie Run Kingdom How to Level Up Fast Reddit

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, players are able to level up their characters fairly quickly by following a few simple tips. One of the easiest ways to level up is by completing quests and Achievements. Players can also gain experience points by participating in events and collecting items in the game.

Another great way to level up fast is by playing through the game’s various dungeons. These dungeons offer a great deal of experience points and are generally pretty easy to complete. Players should also make sure to utilize the game’s auto-play feature, as this will help them grind through levels faster.

By following these simple tips, players will be able to power through the levels in Cookie Run: Kingdom fairly quickly.

How to Get Exp Fast in Cookie Run Kingdom
How to Get Exp Fast in Cookie Run Kingdom 4


What is the Fastest Way to Level Up Cookie Castle?

In Cookie Castle, there are a few ways to level up quickly. One way is to simply upgrade as many cookies as possible. The more cookies you have, the more points you’ll get for upgrading them.

Another way is to complete quests. There are usually three different quests available at any given time, and each one will give you a certain amount of experience points. The third way is to participate in events.

Events happen every so often and usually last for a week or two. They usually require you to bake a certain number of cookies or upgrade a certain number of times. By doing these things, you can easily level up your cookie castle quickly!

How Do I Get More Cookie Exp?

One way to get more cookie exp is by using the Lucky Cookie. The Lucky Cookie gives you a chance to get a 2x multiplier on all cookies earned for the next 10 minutes. You can also try using the Facebook Connect feature.

By connecting your Facebook account, you will receive an additional 5% bonus on all cookies earned.


Cookie Run Kingdom is a mobile game that allows players to collect cookies and progress through different levels. The game is designed so that players can level up quickly and easily, but there are still some ways to get experience points (EXP) even faster. Here are a few tips:

-Complete quests as they become available. Not only will this give you rewards in the form of coins and cookies, but you’ll also earn EXP for completing them. -Make sure to spin the Daily Prize Wheel every day.

You’ll have a chance to win all sorts of goodies, including EXP Boosts which will help you level up more quickly. -Take on the optional challenges in each level. These usually involve collecting a certain number of items or defeating a certain number of enemies, and they award extra EXP when completed.

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