How to Get More Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run Kingdom


There is no definitive answer, as the amount of Rainbow Cubes that can be earned in Cookie Run Kingdom is entirely reliant on luck. However, there are a few things players can do to try and increase their chances of earning Rainbow Cubes. These include completing Daily Missions, participating in events, and opening Treasure Chests.

Additionally, it never hurts to ask friends for help; sometimes they may have an extra Cube or two that they’re willing to share!

The BEST Ways to Get Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run Kingdom!

  • First, clear all the levels in Cookie Run Kingdom
  • This will give you a chance to earn more rainbow cubes
  • Secondly, try to get as many three-star ratings as possible
  • This will also help you earn more rainbow cubes
  • Lastly, keep an eye out for special events that may be happening in the game
  • These events usually have higher rewards, which means more rainbow cubes for you!

How to Get Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run Kingdom June 2022

In order to get Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run Kingdom, you will need to complete the following steps: 1. Collect at least 100 Rainbow Cookies. These can be found by completing quests, participating in events, or purchasing them from the shop.

2. Once you have collected at least 100 Rainbow Cookies, head to the Cube Island and tap on the “Get Reward” button. 3. You will then receive your reward of 10 Rainbow Cubes!

How to Get Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run Kingdom for Free

In Cookie Run Kingdom, there are three ways to get Rainbow Cubes for free: through Daily Rewards, by completing certain Achievements, or by purchasing them with Gems. Daily Rewards: You can earn up to 3 Rainbow Cubes each day by logging in and collecting your Daily Reward. The number of Rainbow Cubes you receive depends on your player level – the higher your level, the more cubes you get!

Achievements: There are a variety of Achievements that award Rainbow Cubes as a reward. Some examples include clearing all the Jelly Levels, rescuing 100 Cookies, or evolving 5 Pet Friends. Check out the full list of Achievements in the game to see which ones offer Cube rewards.

Gems: If you don’t have the patience to wait for Daily Rewards or complete Achievements, you can also use Gems to purchase Rainbow Cubes directly from the Shop. Each Cube costs 50 Gems, and you can buy up to 10 at a time.

How to Use Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a mobile puzzle game developed and published by Devsisters. The game was released on September 28, 2016 for iOS and Android devices. In Cookie Run: Kingdom, players need to help the citizens of the cookie kingdom by using rainbow cubes.

These cubes can be used to clear obstacles and break open chests. Here’s how you can use rainbow cubes in Cookie Run: Kingdom. To use a rainbow cube, simply tap on it and then drag it towards the direction you want it to go.

The cube will travel in a straight line until it hits an obstacle or something else that blocks its path. When the rainbow cube hits an obstacle, it will explode and clear any items in its way. Rainbow cubes can also be used to break open chests.

To do this, just place the cube next to the chest and it will automatically break open after a few seconds. Rainbow cubes are extremely helpful in Cookie Run: Kingdom so make sure to use them wisely!

Cookie Run: Kingdom Rainbow Cubes Code

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a game for mobile devices that was released in 2019. The objective of the game is to help the Cookie Bears collect as many Rainbow Cubes as possible. The Rainbow Cubes are used to power up the Cookie Bears’ kingdom.

There are several ways to collect Rainbow Cubes in the game. One way is to purchase them with real money. Another way is to complete in-game tasks and goals.

And finally, players can also enter codes to receive free Rainbow Cubes. One such code is “RAINBOWCUBES”. This code can be entered in the “Enter Code” section of the game.

Upon successful entry, players will receive 10 free Rainbow Cubes.

Cookie Run Kingdom Rainbow Cubes Wiki

Welcome to the Cookie Run Kingdom Rainbow Cubes Wiki! Rainbow Cubes are a type of cube that can be used in the game Cookie Run: Kingdom. They are used to upgrade cookies, and can be found by completing levels or purchasing them in the shop.

There are four different types of Rainbow Cube, each with their own effect: Red Cube: Increases the attack power of the cookie it is used on. Blue Cube: Increases the defense power of the cookie it is used on.

Yellow Cube: Increases the speed of the cookie it is used on.

How to Get More Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run Kingdom
How to Get More Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run Kingdom 4


How Can I Get More Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run Kingdom

There are a few ways to get more Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run: Kingdom. One way is to buy them with real money in the in-game store. Another way is to collect them as rewards by completing quests and achievements.

You can also get Rainbow Cubes by trading with other players in the Trading Post. Finally, you can find them randomly while exploring the world or opening treasure chests.

What are the Benefits of Having More Rainbow Cubes

There are many benefits of having more rainbow cubes. For one, they can add a splash of color to any room and make it feel more vibrant. They can also help boost your mood and create a sense of calm.

Additionally, rainbow cubes can promote cognitive functioning and help relieve stress.

How Can I Use My Rainbow Cubes to Get Ahead in the Game

If you’re looking to get ahead in the game, using your rainbow cubes can be a great way to do so. Rainbow cubes can be used to purchase items in the game that can help you level up faster or make progress in the game more quickly. In addition, if you’re ever stuck on a certain level or puzzle, using a rainbow cube can give you a hint or even provide a solution.

So, if you want to get ahead in the game, make sure to use your rainbow cubes wisely!


In Cookie Run Kingdom, there are two ways to get Rainbow Cubes. The first way is to buy them from the in-game store using real money. The second way is to earn them by completing quests and achievements.

If you’re looking to stock up on Rainbow Cubes, the best thing to do is to complete as many quests and achievements as possible. You can also check the in-game store regularly for special offers on Rainbow Cubes. With a little patience and persistence, you’ll be able to amass a sizable collection of these valuable items in no time!

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