How to Get the Costumes in Cookie Run Kingdom


There are several ways to get the costumes in Cookie Run Kingdom. The most common way is to buy them from the shop, which can be found in the main menu. There are also some special event costumes that can be obtained by completing certain tasks or missions during events.

Finally, there are also a few rare and unique costumes that can only be obtained through specific methods, such as opening treasure chests or completing secret achievements.

How to Unlock the Costume Gacha and Equip Skins! | Cookie Run Kingdom

  • Enter the game and go to the main menu
  • Tap on the “Shop” button
  • In the shop, tap on the “Costumes” tab
  • Scroll through the list of costumes and select the one you want to buy
  • Tap on the “Buy” button and confirm your purchase

How to Unlock Costumes in Cookie Run Kingdom 2022

In Cookie Run Kingdom, you can unlock costumes by completing certain tasks or achieving certain goals. Some costumes are only available for a limited time, so if you see one you like, be sure to get it while you can! Here are some of the ways you can unlock costumes in Cookie Run Kingdom:

-Complete quests: Many quests will reward you with coins, which you can use to purchase costumes in the shop. Be on the lookout for special event quests that offer exclusive rewards! -Reach a new level: As you level up your baker, you’ll unlock new recipes and ingredients that can be used to make more powerful cookies.

You’ll also earn points that can be spent on upgrading your equipment or buying new outfits in the shop. -Collect items: There are many different items scattered around Cookie Run Kingdom, and some of them can be used to unlock special costumes. Pay attention to your surroundings and see what kind of treasures you can find!

How to Get Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run Kingdom

In Cookie Run Kingdom, there are Rainbow Cubes hidden throughout the kingdom. Finding all of the Rainbow Cubes is necessary to unlock the secrets of the kingdom and complete the game. There are a total of 36 Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run Kingdom.

They are located in the following places: 1) In front of the castle, to the left of the main entrance. 2) On top of one of the towers in the back left corner of the castle grounds.

3) In front of the large tree on the right side of town, near where you first enter.

Cookie Run Kingdom Costumes

Welcome to our Cookie Run Kingdom Costumes blog post! Here, you’ll find all the information you need about the different costumes available in Cookie Run: Kingdom. We’ll go over each costume’s stats and benefits, as well as how to obtain them.

So without further ado, let’s get started! The first costume we’ll be covering is the Angel Cookie Costume. This costume can be obtained by completing certain quests in the game, and it provides a boost to your Speed stat.

It also comes with the ability “Celestial Blessings”, which gives a chance for your skills to have double effect when activated. Overall, this is a great choice for cookies who want to increase their speed and have a little extra help from the angels while they’re running! The next costume on our list is the Devil Cookie Costume.

Unlike the Angel Cookie Costume, this one can only be obtained through purchasing it with real money in the game’s store. However, it provides a significant boost to both your Attack and Defense stats – making it well worth the price tag for many players. Additionally, its special ability “Devilish Wiles” gives you a chance to avoid enemy attacks entirely – making it perfect for those who want to survive tough runs or take on powerful bosses.

Finally, we have the Witch Cookie Costume – another quest-exclusive outfit. This one boosts your Magic stat specifically, making it ideal for cookies who rely heavily on their skills in battle. Plus, its unique ability “Witch’s Brew” allows you to create helpful potions during runs – giving you an edge over other players even when things get tough.

If you’re looking for an overall balanced costume that will give you an advantage in both PvE and PvP content, this is definitely one of the best choices!

Costume Gacha Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a mobile game developed by Devsisters. It is the sequel to Cookie Run: OvenBreak and was released on October 18, 2018. The game features a new kingdom setting, as well as new gameplay mechanics such as farming and castle building.

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, players take control of a group of cookies who have been forced out of their homes by the evil Witch Queen. The cookies must journey to the kingdom of Frosting Forest in order to find a new home. Along the way, they will encounter many obstacles and enemies, but can also make use of various power-ups and items to help them succeed.

The game features over 100 levels, as well as numerous challenges and achievements to unlock. There is also a social element to the game, allowing players to visit their friends’ kingdoms and help them out with tasks or compete against them in races. If you’re a fan of mobile games that are packed with content, then you’ll definitely want to check out Cookie Run: Kingdom.

It’s an addictive and fun game that will keep you coming back for more.

Cookie Run Kingdom Costume Amazon

Cookie Run Kingdom is a mobile game developed by Devsisters Corporation. The game was released on December 11, 2014 for iOS and Android devices. The game is set in the Cookie Kingdom, a fantasy world inhabited by cookies and other sweet creatures.

The player controls one of the cookies, who must collect ingredients and dodge obstacles while avoiding being eaten by the evil monsters that lurk in the kingdom. The game features several different costumes that can be worn by the player’s cookie, each with its own unique abilities. The Amazon costume is one of these costumes, and it grants the player’s cookie increased speed and jumping ability.

This makes it perfect for collecting hard-to-reach ingredients or reaching safety quickly when being chased by monsters. If you’re looking to get your hands on the Amazon costume for your own cookie, you can find it available for purchase on

How to Get the Costumes in Cookie Run Kingdom
How to Get the Costumes in Cookie Run Kingdom 4


How Do You Unlock Costumes in Cookie Run Kingdom?

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, there are a variety of costumes that you can unlock for your character. Some of these costumes can be unlocked by completing certain levels, while others can be purchased with in-game currency. To unlock costumes from levels, simply complete the level with three stars.

Upon doing so, you will be given the option to choose one of three random costumes. You can also purchase specific costumes by spending coins or gems at the in-game store. If you want to change up your look without spending any money, you can always switch between your unlocked costumes at any time.

Simply go to the “Customize” menu and select the costume you want to wear. Have fun exploring all the different costume options in Cookie Run: Kingdom!

Are the Costumes in Cookie Run Limited?

There are a limited number of costumes available in Cookie Run. While there are some that can be purchased with real money, most of the costumes must be earned through gameplay. The costume selection is constantly being updated with new options, so players who want to keep their wardrobe fresh will need to keep playing.

How Do You Equip Costumes in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Assuming you are talking about the game Cookie Run: Kingdom, here is how you equip costumes: First, go to the main menu and select the “Costumes” option. This will take you to a screen where all of the available costumes are displayed.

Each costume has four different slots that can be equipped with accessories – hat, head, body, and shoes. To equip an accessory, simply click on it and then click on the corresponding slot on the costume. For example, if you want to equip a hat, click on the hat and then click on the “hat” slot on the costume.

You can preview how the accessory looks on the character by hovering over it with your mouse. Some accessories can only be equipped if you have unlocked them first by completing certain tasks in-game. For example, some hats can only be equipped once you reach a certain level or earn a certain number of coins.

Be sure to check whether an accessory is unlocked before trying to equip it!


In Cookie Run Kingdom, there are a variety of different costumes that players can collect. Some of the costumes can be found by completing quests, while others can be purchased from the in-game store. In order to get the most out of the game, it is important to know where to find all of the different costumes.

The first place to look for costumes is in the quest section of the game. There are often special quests that will award players with a costume as a reward. These quests are usually only available for a limited time, so it is important to check back often to see if any new quests have been added.

Another great way to get hold of some costumes is by purchasing them from the in-game store. The store offers a rotating selection of costumes, so it is worth checking back frequently to see what new items have been added. Some of the more rare and difficult-to-find costumes can only be obtained by purchasing them from the store.

Finally, another method for obtaining costumes is through special events that sometimes take place in Cookie Run Kingdom. These events typically offer exclusive rewards that cannot be obtained anywhere else. By taking part in these events, players will have a chance to earn some truly unique and valuable items.

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