How to Use Radiant Shards in Cookie Run Kingdom


Radiant shards are used to upgrade your cookies and provide extra boosts. To use them, go to the cookie upgrades menu and select the cookie you want to upgrade. Then, select radiant shards as the currency you’d like to use.

You’ll need a certain number of shards depending on the rarity of the cookie – common cookies will only require a few, while rarer cookies will require more. With enough radiant shards, you can make even the weakest cookie into a powerful force!

Where and How to Use Radiant Shards | Hall of Ancient Heroes | Cookie Run Kingdom

  • Collect radiant shards by completing quests or defeating enemies in Cookie Run Kingdom
  • Tap on the “Use Radiant Shard” button located at the bottom of the screen
  • A list of available items will be displayed that can be purchased with radiant shards
  • Select the desired item and tap on the “Buy” button to purchase it with radiant shards

Where is the Hall of Ancient Heroes in Cookie Run Kingdom

The Hall of Ancient Heroes is a Cookie Run Kingdom landmark located in the northwestern part of the map. It is one of the four main areas in the game, and is where players can access the game’s boss battles. The Hall of Ancient Heroes is a large, open area with several platforms and ledges that players can use to navigate around.

There are also numerous chests and items scattered around the area.

Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

Cookie Run Kingdom is a game for mobile devices that allows users to collect cookies while avoiding obstacles. The game features different worlds that are unlocked as the user progresses. There are also numerous codes that can be used to unlock special items or bonuses.

The codes for Cookie Run Kingdom are: – 7W3LC0M3: Unlocks 3 Gems – 1UP4C0K1E5: Unlocks 5 Lives

– B3T4TERTHANGLUED: Unlocks 10 Gems – COOKIERULESTHEWORLD: Unlocks 15 Gems

Radiant Shards Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki

Radiant Shards are a type of cookie that can be found in the Cookie Run: Kingdom. They are used to upgrade buildings and purchase items from the shop. The Radiant Shard is a special type of currency in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Unlike regular cookies, these shards cannot be eaten and will not provide any energy boost. Instead, they are used for two specific purposes – upgrading buildings and purchasing items from the shop. There are three different ways to obtain Radiant Shards.

The first is by completing quests, which will award you with a set number of shards upon completion. The second is by opening treasure chests, which have a chance of containing several shards within them. Finally, you can also receive shards as rewards for participating in events that take place within the game.

Once you have collected some radiant shards, you can then use them to upgrade the level of your buildings or purchase new items from the shop. The number of shards required for each action will differ depending on what it is that you wish to do, but generally speaking, the more expensive or complex the task, the more shards it will cost. So there you have it – everything you need to know about radiant shards in Cookie Run: Kingdom!

Be sure to put them to good use so that you can get ahead in the game!

Radiant Shards Trove

Radiant Shards are a currency in Trove used to purchase items from the Radiant Merchant. These items include: mounts, costumes, decorations, and more! The merchant is located in the Hub World near the Adventurer’s Association.

To get started on your collection of Radiant Shards, you’ll want to complete dungeons and defeat bosses. You can also get them as a daily login bonus, or by completing certain achievements. Once you have some shards, head on over to the Radiant Merchant and start browsing!

There’s a wide variety of items available for purchase, so take your time and find something that suits your fancy. Whether you’re looking for a new mount to show off, or some decorations to spruce up your home world, the Radiant Merchant has you covered. So what are you waiting for?

Start collecting those shards today!

How to Use the Hall of Ancient Heroes

The Hall of Ancient Heroes is a great place to get information about the history of Hyrule. It can be found in the Gerudo Desert, just north of the Gerudo Highlands. In order to use it, you must have completed the “Captured Memories” side quest.

This quest is obtained by speaking to Impa after completing all four Divine Beasts. Once you have completed the side quest, you will be able to enter the Hall of Ancient Heroes. Inside, you will find statues of Link and Zelda from different points in Hyrule’s history.

By examining these statues, you will be able to view memories of these time periods. You can also find out more information about specific characters and events by talking to NPCs inside the hall.

How to Use Radiant Shards in Cookie Run Kingdom
How to Use Radiant Shards in Cookie Run Kingdom 4


What are Radiant Lt Shards Used for in Cookie Run?

Radiant LT shards are used to purchase and upgrade items in Cookie Run. The number of shards required for each purchase or upgrade increases as the player progresses through the game.

How Do You Farm Radiant Shards in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Radiant shards are one of the most important resources in Cookie Run: Kingdom. They are used to upgrade your oven and produce more powerful cookies. Luckily, there are a few ways to farm radiant shards:

The first way is to complete quests. There are many different quests available, and each one rewards you with a certain number of radiant shards. The more difficult the quest, the more shards you will earn.

You can also re-play quests that you have already completed to farm more shards. Another way to farm radiant shards is by participating in events. Events usually last for a limited time, but they often offer great rewards, including radiant shards.

Keep an eye out for events that offer Shard Chests as prizes – these chests usually contain a large number of radiant shards. You can also find Radiant Shards scattered around the world map in hidden treasure chests. To find these chests, simply zoom in on the map and look for the shining blue dots – these indicate where treasure chests are buried.

Once you’ve found a chest, use your spade tool to dig it up and claim your prize!


Radiant shards are a type of currency in Cookie Run: Kingdom. They can be used to purchase items in the Radiant Shop, which is located in the Radiant Chamber. There are three ways to obtain radiant shards: by completing quests, by purchasing them with real money, or by participating in events.

Quests that award radiant shards can be found in the Quest Log, and new quests are added periodically. Purchasing radiant shards with real money can be done through the in-game store, and event information can be found on the Cookie Run: Kingdom website and social media pages.

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