How to Use Treasure Ticket in Cookie Run Kingdom


To use a Treasure Ticket in Cookie Run: Kingdom, tap on the “Use Ticket” button in the upper right corner of the screen. This will bring up a menu with three different options: “Get Coins,” “Get Lives,” and “Get Boosters.” Select the desired option, then tap on the “Use” button.

When You Have 1000 Treasure Tickets I Cookie Run: Kingdom

  • Find a Treasure Ticket: You can find Treasure Tickets by completing Daily Missions or Special Missions
  • Check your Mission Board to see what missions are available
  • Once you have a Treasure Ticket, go to the Cookie Run Kingdom game map and select the “use” option
  • Your ticket will be used and you’ll be taken to a special stage where you can collect coins, crystals, and other treasures! 4
  • Be sure to collect everything before the time runs out!

How to Get Treasure Tickets in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom is a mobile game that allows players to collect cookies and progress through different levels. One of the key features in the game is the ability to obtain treasure tickets, which can be used to purchase items in the game’s store. There are several ways to obtain treasure tickets in Cookie Run Kingdom:

-Complete daily quests: Every day, there are three new quests that become available. Completing these quests will award players with treasure tickets. -Play mini games: There are two mini games located in Cookie Run Kingdom – Lucky Spin and Jelly Jump.

Playing either of these mini games will give players the chance to win treasure tickets. -Reach certain milestones: As players progress through Cookie Run Kingdom, they will reach certain milestones. Some of these milestones will award players with treasure tickets as a reward.

Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

Cookie Run Kingdom is a game for Android and iOS devices. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. The objective of the game is to help the Cookie Characters escape the Wicked Witch’s oven by collecting cookies and avoiding obstacles.

The game features over 100 Cookie Characters, each with their own unique abilities. There are also a variety of Powerups and Boosts that can be used to help the player progress through the levels. Codes can be used to unlock special items or bonuses in the game.

Some codes are available for a limited time only, so it’s important to check back often for new codes. Here are some codes that are currently active: FREEBIE – Use this code to get a free Mystery Box

RUNNING – Use this code to get a free Speed Boost

Cookie Run Kingdom Code Redeem

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a game for mobile devices that allows users to enter codes in order to redeem various rewards. The code system was implemented on February 28th, 2019, and has since been used to distribute a variety of items such as gems, coins, and even exclusive cookies. While the codes are typically given out by the developers during events or promotions, there are also a number of ways for players to find them on their own.

This includes checking the game’s official social media accounts, looking through fan-run forums and websites, or simply keeping an eye out for any special announcements that might be made. One of the most popular codes so far has been “CRKDST1”, which gave players 10 million coins when entered. However, there have been many other useful codes released as well, such as “CRKDST2” which provided 2 free treasure chests.

No matter what type of reward you’re looking for, it’s definitely worth taking the time to look for active Cookie Run: Kingdom codes!

Treasure Ticket Concert

A treasure ticket concert is an event where music fans can trade in their old CDs and vinyl records for new ones. The concept is simple: bring your collection of dusty discs to the venue and trade them in for shiny new ones. But there’s a twist – the new albums you’ll receive are all mystery items, meaning you won’t know what you’re getting until you open the case.

This type of event is perfect for music lovers who are looking to declutter their homes and add some fresh tunes to their collection. It’s also a great way to support your local record store, as most treasure ticket concerts are held at independent shops. Best of all, it’s a fun way to discover new music that you might not have otherwise come across.

If you’re thinking of attending a treasure ticket concert, here are a few things to keep in mind: – Most events have a limited number of tickets available, so make sure to buy yours in advance. – Bring along a bag or box full of CDs and vinyl records that you no longer want.

The more you bring, the more tickets you’ll receive (usually one per album). – Many events allow attendees to preview the mystery albums before making their trades, so take advantage of this opportunity to get an idea of what’s available. – Be prepared to walk away with some unexpected gems – and maybe even a few duds.

That’s all part of the fun!

Cookie Run: Kingdom Bts Ticket

Looking for a fun and challenging game to play? Cookie Run: Kingdom might be just what you’re looking for! This exciting game features hundreds of levels to keep you entertained for hours on end.

Plus, with new levels being added regularly, there’s always something new to try. One of the best things about Cookie Run: Kingdom is that it’s completely free to play. However, if you want to unlock all of the available content, you’ll need to use in-game currency.

BTS Tickets are one of the rarest and most valuable items in the game. They can be used to purchase special items or unlock premium content. If you’re lucky enough to find a BTS Ticket, don’t hesitate to spend it!

You never know what awesome thing you’ll be able to get your hands on.

How to Use Treasure Ticket in Cookie Run Kingdom
How to Use Treasure Ticket in Cookie Run Kingdom 4


How Do You Equip Treasure in Cookie Run Kingdom?

In Cookie Run Kingdom, you can equip Treasure by tapping on the “Equip” button in the upper left corner of the screen. Then, select the Treasure that you want to equip and tap on the “Equip” button again. You can also unequip Treasure by tapping on the “Unequip” button.

What Do Treasures Do Cookie Run Kingdom?

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, treasures are used to speed up the construction of buildings and upgrade existing structures. They can also be used to purchase items from the in-game store, or to instantly complete missions.

How Do You Get the Treasure Enhancement Ticket in Cookie Run?

The Treasure enhancement ticket is a special item that can be used to enhance your cookies’ stats in Cookie Run. In order to get this enhancement ticket, you must first complete the tutorial stage of the game. Once you have done so, head to the Shop and purchase the Treasure enhancement ticket from the Specials section.

What Does It Mean When a Treasure is Passive in Cookie Run Kingdom?

In Cookie Run Kingdom, a “passive Treasure” is an in-game item that can be found by the player without having to actively seek it out. Passive Treasures are often rewards for completing certain tasks or goals, but can also be random drops from enemies or found in hidden locations. While most Treasures provide some sort of benefit to the player, such as extra coins or experience points, passive Treasures are generally less useful than their active counterparts.


Treasure Tickets are special items that can be used to get bonus rewards in Cookie Run: Kingdom. To use a Treasure Ticket, simply tap on it and then select the “use” option. You will then be able to choose from a variety of different bonus rewards, including extra coins, gems, and more.

There is no limit to the number of Treasure Tickets that you can use, so feel free to use them as often as you’d like!

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