How to Unlock Guns in Call of Duty Ww2: The Ultimate Guide!


To unlock guns in Call of Duty WW2, you need to reach a certain rank and spend an Unlock Token. Another way to unlock them is by going to the quartermaster and checking the contracts tab for daily gun contracts.

1. Understanding The Dlc Weapons

Unlocking guns in Call of Duty WWII involves reaching a specific rank and using an Unlock Token. If you pre-ordered the game, you may have access to certain weapons from the start.

Explanation Of Dlc Weapons In Call Of Duty Ww2

In Call of Duty WW2, DLC (Downloadable Content) weapons refer to the additional weapons that are not available in the base game. These weapons are usually released after the game’s initial launch and can be obtained through various means such as purchasing DLC packs, participating in events, or completing in-game challenges. DLC weapons offer players a chance to expand their arsenal and add new strategies to their gameplay.

Overview Of The Benefits Of Unlocking Dlc Weapons

Unlocking DLC weapons in Call of Duty WW2 comes with several benefits that can enhance your gaming experience. Let’s take a look at some of these advantages:

  1. Diversify your playstyle: DLC weapons provide players with a wider range of options when it comes to choosing their loadout. Each weapon brings its own unique characteristics, allowing players to experiment with different playstyles and find the one that suits them best.
  2. Stay competitive: As the game progresses and more DLC weapons are introduced, the meta and player preferences may shift. By unlocking these weapons, you can stay up-to-date with the latest trends and remain competitive against other players.
  3. Discover new favorites: DLC weapons can introduce players to new weapons they may not have tried otherwise. By unlocking and using these weapons, you might discover a new favorite that becomes a staple in your loadout.
  4. Unlock exclusive features: Some DLC weapons may come with additional features or attachments that are not available for the base game weapons. These unique attributes can give you an edge in battle and enhance your overall gameplay experience.

Overall, unlocking DLC weapons in Call of Duty WW2 allows you to expand your arsenal, adapt to the evolving meta, discover new playstyles, and stay competitive in the game. It adds an extra layer of excitement and variety to your gameplay, ensuring that every match feels unique and engaging.

2. Unlocking Dlc Weapons

Unlocking DLC Weapons in Call of Duty WWII is a simple process. Players can unlock these guns by reaching a specific rank and then spending an Unlock Token. Pre-ordering the game also provides access to additional weapons.

Step-by-step Guide On How To Unlock Dlc Weapons

If you’ve been playing Call of Duty WWII and want to enhance your gameplay experience by unlocking DLC weapons, you’re in the right place. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to unlock DLC weapons quickly and efficiently:

  1. Check for available DLC weapons: Before diving into the unlocking process, ensure that there are DLC weapons available for you to unlock. Developers often release new weapons periodically, so stay updated on the latest additions.
  2. Complete special contracts: One way to unlock DLC weapons is by completing special contracts. Visit the quartermaster and head to the contracts tab where you can find daily contracts that offer exclusive weapons as rewards. Make sure to check regularly for new contracts and their requirements.
  3. Reach a specific rank: Some DLC weapons are rank-specific, meaning you need to achieve a certain level to unlock them. Focus on leveling up your character by participating in multiplayer matches, completing challenges, and earning experience points. As you progress through the ranks, new weapons will become accessible.
  4. Open supply drops: Supply drops are a valuable resource for obtaining DLC weapons. By playing multiplayer matches and performing well, you can earn supply drops as rewards. These drops have a chance to contain exclusive weapons, so keep opening them to increase your chances of unlocking a DLC weapon.
  5. Purchase DLC packs: If you’re eager to get your hands on specific DLC weapons, you have the option to purchase DLC packs. These packs often include a bundle of new weapons, allowing you to expand your arsenal quickly. Visit the in-game store or the official game website to explore and purchase available DLC packs.

Tips And Strategies For Unlocking Dlc Weapons Quickly

Unlocking DLC weapons can sometimes be a challenging task. To help you speed up the process and snag those sought-after weapons, consider the following tips and strategies:

  • Focus on daily contracts: Check the in-game contracts regularly and prioritize completing the ones that offer DLC weapons as rewards. Daily contracts often have shorter time limits, making them a high-priority target for swift unlocks.
  • Play game modes with higher rewards: Certain game modes offer higher rewards, including more supply drops or increased experience points. By focusing on these game modes, you can potentially earn supply drops faster and level up quicker, ultimately increasing your chances of unlocking DLC weapons.
  • Utilize double XP events: Keep an eye out for double XP events within the game. During these events, you’ll earn double the experience points, allowing you to level up faster and unlock DLC weapons more rapidly.
  • Join a supportive community: Engaging with like-minded players and joining a supportive community can provide valuable tips and tactics for unlocking DLC weapons. Share your progress, seek advice, and learn from experienced players to optimize your unlocking journey.

By following this step-by-step guide and implementing these tips and strategies, you’ll be well on your way to unlocking DLC weapons in Call of Duty WWII. Expand your arsenal, diversify your playstyle, and dominate the battlefield with your newly acquired firepower!

3. The Orso Smg

Unlock the Orso SMG in Call of Duty WWII by reaching a specific rank and spending an Unlock Token. Pre-ordering the game may offer additional unlocking benefits.

Highlighting The Orso Smg As A Popular Dlc Weapon

Among the various DLC weapons available in Call of Duty WWII, the Orso SMG has gained significant popularity among players. With its unique characteristics and abilities, it offers a different gameplay experience that many players find appealing.

Overview Of The Characteristics And Abilities Of The Orso Smg

The Orso SMG is known for its high rate of fire and excellent close-quarter combat capabilities. Its compact size and lightweight design make it highly maneuverable, allowing players to swiftly navigate through the battlefield. Additionally, the Orso SMG boasts impressive accuracy and recoil control, making it lethal in the hands of a skilled player.

It is important to note that the Orso SMG is a fully automatic weapon, meaning it can continuously fire rounds as long as the trigger is held down. This makes it particularly effective in close-range engagements, where quick and continuous fire can overpower opponents.

How To Unlock The Orso Smg And Its Requirements

Unlocking the Orso SMG requires completing specific in-game challenges or purchasing it as part of a DLC pack. Here are the steps to unlock the Orso SMG:

  1. Ensure that you have the necessary DLC pack that includes the Orso SMG. This could be obtained through purchasing or as part of a special edition of the game.
  2. Access the weapon selection menu within the game and locate the Orso SMG.
  3. Check the requirements listed for unlocking the Orso SMG. These may include reaching a certain level, completing specific challenges, or fulfilling other criteria.
  4. If you meet the requirements, the Orso SMG will become available for use in your loadout.

By following these steps, players can acquire the Orso SMG and utilize its powerful capabilities to dominate the battlefield in Call of Duty WWII. Remember to practice and experiment with different attachments and playstyles to maximize the potential of this formidable weapon.

How to Unlock Guns in Call of Duty Ww2: The Ultimate Guide!
How to Unlock Guns in Call of Duty Ww2: The Ultimate Guide! 4


4. Saving Up Supply Drops

Unlocking guns in Call of Duty WWII can be achieved by saving up supply drops. With this method, players can unlock powerful weapons without spending any money.

In Call of Duty WW2, supply drops play a crucial role in unlocking new guns and expanding your arsenal of weapons. They are essentially loot boxes that contain various items, including weapons, attachments, and other customization options. Saving up supply drops strategically can greatly enhance your chances of unlocking rare and powerful guns, including DLC weapons. In this section, we will discuss the importance of supply drops in unlocking guns, strategies for saving them up, and how to maximize your chances of receiving DLC weapons through supply drops.

Discussing The Importance Of Supply Drops In Unlocking Guns

Supply drops are the primary method for obtaining new guns in Call of Duty WW2. They offer a unique opportunity to acquire rare and powerful weapons that can give you a competitive edge in multiplayer matches. Each supply drop has a chance to contain a new gun, making it an essential resource for avid players looking to expand their weapon collection. By saving up supply drops, you can increase your chances of unlocking highly sought-after guns and make your gameplay experience more diverse and exciting.

Strategies For Saving Up Supply Drops

When it comes to saving up supply drops, it’s essential to adopt a strategic approach. Here are some effective strategies to consider:

  1. Complete Daily and Weekly Orders: By actively participating in daily and weekly orders, you can earn additional supply drops as rewards. Focus on completing these orders to gradually accumulate a stockpile of supply drops for future use.
  2. Avoid Hastily Opening Supply Drops: Resist the urge to open every supply drop you receive immediately. Instead, be patient and wait for the opportune moment to open them. Accumulating a significant number of supply drops increases the likelihood of obtaining rare weapons.
  3. Save Drops for Special Events: Events often provide increased chances of receiving rare items, including DLC weapons, through supply drops. By saving your supply drops for these special events, you can maximize your chances of unlocking exclusive and powerful guns.
  4. Participate in Contracts: The Contracts tab in the quartermaster section offers daily contracts that reward you with supply drops upon completion. Prioritize these contracts and complete them regularly to accumulate more supply drops effortlessly.

How To Maximize The Chances Of Receiving Dlc Weapons Through Supply Drops

If you’re specifically aiming to unlock DLC weapons through supply drops, there are a few strategies that can increase your chances:

  • Play during DLC Events: Whenever a new DLC is released, the game often hosts events that increase the chances of obtaining DLC weapons through supply drops. During these events, focus on playing and earning supply drops to increase your likelihood of unlocking the newest guns.
  • Duplicate Protection: Take advantage of the duplicate protection system in supply drops. This system ensures that you receive new items instead of duplicates, increasing your chances of getting the desired DLC weapons.
  • Use Armory Credits: Armory Credits can be used to purchase specific weapons directly from the quartermaster. Save up your credits and use them strategically to unlock DLC weapons that you’re particularly interested in.

By following these strategies, you can save up supply drops effectively, increase your chances of receiving DLC weapons, and unlock a diverse range of guns in Call of Duty WW2. Utilize your resources wisely and keep an eye out for special events to enhance your collection of powerful weapons for an exhilarating gameplay experience.

5. Unlocking More Guns

As you progress through the intense battles of Call of Duty WW2, unlocking new guns becomes an important aspect of improving your gameplay. In addition to the weapons you can acquire during the campaign, there are various methods to unlock more guns that will give you an edge on the multiplayer battlefield. Let’s explore some additional methods for unlocking guns in Call of Duty WW2.

Exploring Additional Methods For Unlocking Guns In Call Of Duty Ww2

While the campaign mode grants you access to a range of weapons, unlocking more guns in the multiplayer mode can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Apart from relying on pure luck through Supply Drops, there are alternative ways to obtain new firearms and equipment.

Highlighting Contracts As An Alternative Way To Unlock Guns

One effective alternative to unlocking guns in Call of Duty WW2 is through contracts. The Contracts tab in the Quartermaster menu offers a selection of daily and special contracts that provide specific challenges for players to complete in exchange for weapon rewards. These contracts rotate regularly, giving players the opportunity to earn unique guns by simply completing the assigned tasks.

By actively engaging in contracts, you can acquire exclusive weapons without relying solely on the luck-based Supply Drops system. This method allows you to choose the specific gun you want to unlock by completing the corresponding contract, providing a more targeted approach to expanding your arsenal.

Discussing The Benefits And Limitations Of Each Method

Both Supply Drops and contracts have their own distinct benefits and limitations when it comes to unlocking guns in Call of Duty WW2. Let’s take a closer look:

Method Benefits Limitations
Supply Drops
  • Chance to obtain rare and valuable guns
  • Provides a variety of additional items
  • Sense of surprise and excitement with each drop
  • Relies on luck and RNG (Random Number Generator)
  • May require a significant amount of time to acquire desired guns
  • Allows players to choose the specific gun they want to unlock
  • Provides a clear and achievable goal
  • Offers a reliable method to acquire desired weapons
  • Contracts might have specific requirements or challenges
  • Rotating availability means limited time to complete contracts
  • May require a certain level of skill or effort to fulfill the tasks

Understanding the benefits and limitations of each method can help you make informed decisions on how to effectively unlock more guns in Call of Duty WW2. Whether you prefer the excitement of Supply Drops or the targeted approach of contracts, both methods offer opportunities to expand your arsenal and dominate the battlefield.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Unlock Guns In Call Of Duty Ww2

How Do You Unlock Guns In Cod?

To unlock guns in Call of Duty, you need to reach a certain rank and spend an Unlock Token. Alternatively, you can participate in contracts or save up Supply Drops to get a chance to unlock new weapons. Playing multiplayer and leveling up will also help you unlock more guns.

How Do You Unlock The Crossbow In Call Of Duty Ww2?

To unlock the crossbow in Call of Duty WW2, reach a specific rank and spend an Unlock Token.

How Do You Get Armory Credits In Ww2?

You can get armory credits in WW2 by completing contracts or special orders from the quartermaster.

How Do You Unlock New Pistols In Mw2?

To unlock new pistols in MW2, you need to reach a certain rank and spend an Unlock Token. Pre-ordering the game may also provide early access to some weapons. Keep playing multiplayer to earn Supply Drops, which give you a small chance to unlock new guns.


To sum it up, unlocking guns in Call of Duty WWII is essential for a successful gaming experience. By reaching certain ranks, spending unlock tokens, and taking advantage of contracts, players can access a wide range of powerful weapons. It’s important to keep playing and earning supply drops to increase the chances of unlocking new guns.

Remember, you don’t need to buy the season pass to unlock all the weapons; you can acquire them through regular gameplay. So, put your skills to the test and arm yourself with the best weapons to dominate the battlefield. Happy gaming!

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